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ANDSF fully prepared to defend territorial integrity

Addressing a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that there is no collusion and will for surrender, adding that “We live a dignified life, now is the day of courage, will and determination.”
The president pointing to the recent Taliban insurgency and collapse of some districts to the militants in some of the country’s provinces, said that: “If the Taliban think a takeover from us, they will not reach the goal in hundred more years. The responsibility of bloodshed and destruction are on the shoulder of the Taliban and their supporters.”
Meanwhile, the former President Hamid Karzai said on Tuesday that the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are “better prepared” to protect Afghanistan on their own as international troops are leaving the country, but he reiterated that Afghans should deal with the ongoing foreign interference.
Karzai said that Afghanistan is not a failed state, adding that “as far as the Afghan people are concerned, they created a constitution, they went to the elections, they embraced democracy whole heartedly, they went to school, the educated themselves, we have millions of Afghan boys and girls educated today.”
Indeed fighting against the Taliban and combating terrorism, Afghan soldiers have paid high sacrifices, and won unprecedented support from the Afghan masses. The Warring factions, mainly the Taliban militants, are widely involved in war crime as they violate the humanitarian law and have been martyring our both combatants and non-combatants on daily basis without any religious justifications or iota of humanity.
Contrary to their remarks and statements on peaceful approach to Afghansitan issues, Taliban have chosen war and bloodshed and sparing no efforts to destabilize the country, destroy infrastructures and disrupt the peaceful life of the Afghan masses.
But despite supports of some intelligence agencies of the region and international terrorist, Taliban have been denied by brave Afghan forces to take over the country by force and implement their vicious goals. Despite of taking control of some small districts, Taliban still could not take nay city or any large part of the country, as Afghan people stood along with their forces and repelled the insurgent’s attacks.
Afghan soldiers have shown their bravery and gained national honor for the country throughout the history and will do so in the future, too. They must be paid enough heed and the life and dignity of their families should be ensured forever.
Indeed, our brave soldiers, who fight not only to protect nation’s rights but also to root out radical groups, should be considered the national heroes and heroines. Their sacrifices are highly appreciable, and their names should be eternal in our history.
The Afghan forces despite of many challenges and lack of essential military equipment, have not yet allowed terrorists to disturbs Afghans and take over control of the country. They have given much sacrifices and would continue to do so for their country and protecting of the territorial integrity.
Meanwhile, recent uprisings against Taliban and support for Afghan forces should be continued, and hence, the Afghan government should prevent from further casualties of Afghan combatants and non-combatants through adopting effective strategies.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.