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ANDSF blood would not be ignored in peace process

Addressing the national army personnel at the Ministry of National Defense in Kabul on Tuesday, President Ghani clarified the Afghan government’s stance on upcoming negotiations with the Taliban and said a new deal is not considered in this process.
According to the president, a joint statement will be announced on the first day of negotiations with the Taliban which will define the Afghan government as a legitimate government which represents all the people of Afghanistan. He said the statement will also define the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces as a legitimate partner of the international forces in the fight against terrorism.
The president said that there will be no compromise on Afghan National Defense and Security Forces when it comes to negotiations with the Taliban. “A new agreement between us [Afghan government] and the United States is not considered. I repeat, a new agreement is not considered,” President Ghani said. “All international agreements will remain in their place.”
The president’s remarks came at the time that the US and the Taliban negotiators wrapped up the eighth round of peace talks in Qatar. The two sides are expected to sign a peace agreement within the next few days which will facilitate intra-Afghan negotiations and will probably take place in a European country’s capital within the next few weeks.
There is no doubt that our brave Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), being the real and strong protectors of their homeland, have been chasing terrorists across the country and rendering highest number of sacrifices in war on terror. They are fighting terrorism not only for peace and stability in Afghanistan, but on behalf of the whole humanity across the globe. 
As president’s remarks at the Ministry of National Defense indicate, the world, in particular New York and Washington are safe because of the Afghan forces’ braveries and sacrifices in war on terror.
The heroic counter terrorism struggles of security and defense forces and cracking down the insurgents leave no place for any concern. Despite complications of war in Afghanistan and open and secret supports from terrorists in the region, the Afghan security forces have been passing a dangerous year but didn’t let the enemies to achieve their ominous goal in the country.
Since the public supports existed for ANDSF heroes, it is hoped that the precious lives and blood of our soldiers will not go in vain rather they will ensure peace and stability for the nation, if not now, in the future. 
The Afghans have time and again emphasized on safeguarding of the achievements made in the last 18 years. One of these achievements are the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces that have spared no efforts in safeguarding the territorial integrity and have rendered much sacrifices only to provide a safe and sound environment for the Afghans.
Our soldiers, who sacrifice their lives for protecting their nation and country, are not dead. They are alive in national memory and are considered national heroes since they play heroic role while defending their homeland and countrymen and women. 
Afghans are in dire need of peace and stability, but they want a dignified peace. The country’s national defense and security forces should not be dealt a peace process, rather their heroism and blood should be honored in such processes.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.