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ANA starts offensive attacks against insurgents, MoD

The ministry of defense has declared that the Afghan National Army (ANA) has started offensive attacks against the Taliban and government armed insurgents.
The ministry’s spokesperson has recently told media that ANA air and ground forces have intensified operations against the government armed insurgents which resulted in imposing heavy casualties on them.
During a press conference held on last Monday, the defense ministry’s chief of army staff, Gen. Sharif Yaftali reported about increasing ANA forces attacks and said special operations have also been enhanced to suppress the insurgents.
To suppress the enemies and prevent their attacks, the National Security Council (NSC) has recently ordered all Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) to conduct offensive attacks.
Last year, on Asad month, to increase the operations’ effectiveness, the government of Afghanistan had promoted the commando forces’ divisions to army corps.
But, the military experts believe that weakness in security entities’ management has caused these forces not to be effectively used.
Each year, with the advent of winter, the armed insurgents’ movements get decreased in war fronts.
Thus, winter is a good opportunity to the government to conduct offensive operations against the insurgents and widen its domination area.
But the main issue is that how the war gets managed.
Because, it has several times taken place in the past that when the security forces had conducted operations to retake some areas being temporarily controlled by armed insurgents, after passing a short time, those areas had been retaken by insurgents, an action caused due to weakness in management and lack of coordination among the security entities.
Recently, as the peace efforts have been intensified, the government is needed to enter the negotiations from the power stance.
The government can enter peace talks from power stance when it widens its dominating areas.
Taliban by using a tribune in Moscow summit have claimed they are controlling over 50 percent of Afghanistan’s soil. Taliban have always made effort to show to the world that they have been strengthened and have widened their dominating areas.
Taliban have recently changed their war strategy. They are making effort to attack some areas where enjoy a good security.
Military experts believe that the Taliban want to show their power in order to take further privileges in negotiation table.
Next year would be a difficult year to the government of Afghanistan.
Four elections are expected to be held in Afghanistan next year. Presidential, districts councils, provincial councils and parliamentary elections in Ghazni province are expected to hold in upcoming year.
Therefore, is order not to face any problems, the government should do its best to maintain security in the country or increase in meddling of regional countries would lead the country toward an unclear route, a move would sacrifice the achievements made over the last more than one and half a decade.
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