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ANA air, ground operations successful, spokesman

Reporting about conducting operations by Afghan National Army (ANA) to eliminate insurgent groups and decrease threats’ level, the ministry of defense (MoD) said the operations have been successful and full of achievements.
To ensure security throughout the country, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have launched air and ground operations in different provinces, MoD spokesperson GhafourJawid said during an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times.
Daily, ANA conducts nine hours mopping up operations in the provinces with high security threats and currently, operations are ongoing in Faryab, Logar, Kandahar, Uruzgan, Ghazni and Helmand provinces as well as Shindand, Qaisar, Almar and Maimana districts, he further said.
As a result of ANA operations, five enemy prisons have been destroyed in Helmand and Ghazni provinces and tens of our innocent countrymen have been freed, he added.

He added this is a clear fact that ANDSF play key role in fighting terrorism and they have always made sacrifices in this regard.
ANDSF will continue offensive operations and will do their best to suppress the enemy in any corner of the country, he went on to say.
The ministry of defense in coordination with other security entities is working on a plan that would be declared in the beginning of next solar year, he continued.
Stressing on ensuring better security for New Year (1398), he added we hope that with implementation of security and operational plans, the upcoming year to be void of any security threats.
There is no doubt that Afghan air forces play effective role in air operations and supporting ground forces, he said, adding Afghan air forces have launched many operations so far, all of which have been successful.
Fortunately, ANDSF lead most of the operations by their own and their foreign counterparts only train and advise them and we laud the assistances and supports of different countries in strengthening Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), he added.
He added our offensive op
erations are continuing in nine provinces, but we mostly focus on areas where the insurgents’ attacks have increased.
In a message on the occasion of 9th Hoot, (Afghan Security Forces Day), officials of the ministry for defense said the Afghan Security Forces were doing their best to ensure a secure environment to their countrymen.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.