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Amnesty International once again asks Pakistan to stop deporting Afghans

KABUL: The Amnesty International has once again asked the Pakistani government to immediately stop the detentions, deportations and widespread harassment of Afghan refugees in that country, according to a statement from AI the other day. In a new statement, the organization voiced its concern over the complete lack of transparency, due process, and accountability in the detentions and deportations taking place over the last week. Amnesty International called on the Pakistani government to fulfill its obligations under international human rights law, ensure the safety and well-being of Afghan refugees within its borders, and immediately halt deportations to prevent further escalation of the crisis. Livia Saccardi, deputy regional director for Campaigns for South Asia at Amnesty International, highlighted the dire situation, expressing concern that thousands of Afghan refugees were being used as political pawns. He said: “No one should be subjected to mass forced deportations, and Pakistan would do well to remember its international legal obligations, including the principle of nonrefoulment.” About 300,000 Afghan refugees have returned to the country from Pakistan since the expiry of the Nov 1, 2023 deadline. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.