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America’s attack on Yemen, its negative consequences for the region

Since the last more than 100 days of the Gaza tragedy, the Israeli invading forces are committing crimes, contrary to all international laws. The number of martyrs, wounded and homeless people is increasing by each passing day. The international community, especially the West, which always chants slogans of human rights, instead of preventing this terrible situation, supports Israeli occupants and does not want this war to end. The countries of the region, especially Muslim countries in the Middle East, have taken a more rigid and inappropriate position than expected and this is the reason why the Gaza war has gotten such a bloody situation. The West, led by the United States, not only cooperates with the Israeli occupying regime, politically and militarily in the Gaza war and other issues relating to Palestine as a whole, but it has directly involved itself in this war and launched military attacks on Yemen. These attacks will make the already worsened situation in the Middle East, even more complicated and the war between Palestine and Israel will spread to other countries in the region. Even now, this war has spread to Lebanon, Iraq and now Yemen. Although this situation will be harmful to the Islamic countries in terms of security and economy, it will revive the Palestine issue and the world will be concerned and it is one of the solutions to this problem. The formation of an independent state for the Palestinians can be sought through an international consensus that helps the Palestinian nation regain the rights of the occupied territories. If the Islamic world understands and fulfills its religious and moral responsibility in the ongoing war, not only can it change the direction of the war in favor of the Palestinian nation, but it will also expand its influence and power over the region and gain independence in the use of its resources. So, the continuation of attacks on Yemen by the American forces is not only the solution, this can further complicate the ongoing security situation in the region. Instead, the U.S. and other stakeholder countries should take the situation in Gaza under control, resort to the plan shaping and recognition of an independent Palestinian state to prevent further deterioration of the situation in the region.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.