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America, Zionist Regime are spiteful and criminal in nature

The crimes that the Zionist regime is committing today are grave and prominent, representing the most violent confrontations witnessed by the global community to date. This ruthless and bloodthirsty regime has initiated merciless attacks in Gaza strip and other Palestinian territories for several weeks, perpetrating injustice, terror, and mass killings every passing day, creating a cycle of crimes. In this significant atrocity, America, which boasts about human rights and numerous other issues, is a partner, supplying military experts, combatants, and mass-killing weapons directly to Israel, becoming directly complic it in war crimes and anti-human acts. Unfortunately, no one in the world can stand up to this ruthless monster, redirect it, or hold it accountable for its actions. Although there have been some efforts to confront American warmongering and that of the West in Ukraine, these seven-headed serpents rise from elsewhere and continue their crimes and evil actions fearlessly. In the Palestinian conflict, America is directly involved, arming the oppressive entity of Jewish every day with military personnel, equipment, and dollars, emboldening the invading force to wage a full-fledged war against a small Muslim nation. America and the West undoubtedly faced a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and now seek to avenge themselves on the innocent Muslims of Palestine to compensate for their failure. The nature of America, the West, and the Jewish conglomerate is inherently full of hatred and criminality, especially when it comes to Muslims, whom they consider their primary enemies and continuously strive to weaken or, if possible, destroy. However, Allah, the creator of the universe, protects Islam forever. The efforts of the enemies of Islam are futile, and these illwishers do not achieve their wicked goals, particularly when it comes to the destruction of the Islamic community. But the sacred religion of Islam guards and preserves itself, and the Lord of all worlds is its protector. Therefore, the efforts of the enemies of Islam are in vain, and these evil individuals do not achieve their wicked and heinous goals. We hope that a day will come when the veil of America, the Jewish state, and their injustices will be removed forever from the world stage, and the nations of the world will find peace and return to their everyday lives. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.