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America, western countries; Foci of malevolence in world

Several years ago, America ignited the flame of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, transforming the two beautiful countries into the battlefield and the hells of the world.

At any time, the world witnesses emerging powers that nurture sedition and corruption, standing as the center of discord, corruption, and malice. Nowadays, both America and the Jewish state stand as centers of corruption and wickedness in the world, causing significant turmoil and catastrophe. Several years ago, America ignited the flame of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, transforming the two beautiful countries into the battlefield and the hells of the world. Recently, these two executioner mon sters and blood-thirsty invaders have devastated Palestine through constant bombardments and mass-killing weapons, committing genocide and killing civilians. Despite the fact the two countries stand as the most powerful countries in terms of military, they have initiated bombardment of the oppressed nation of Palestine to an extent that is beyond the imagination. The flame of war ignited in Palestine and Ukraine was stimulated by America and other global powers that are seeking their ambition for dominance and achieving their sinister goals. Suppose there was no America, the West, and other non-Muslim countries and their domination plans. In that case, the world might experience a peaceful and secure environment, and the nations and countries wouldn’t confront each other, resorting to war and genocide to this extent. However, the power-hungry and self-centered greed of these arrogant superpowers has disrupted the global order and ignited wars in most parts of the world. Therefore, other countries that stand against America are not indifferent, and at any moment, they align themselves against America, fueling the flames of confrontations and tensions. These factors have led the war scope to get extended and devastated the countries, including Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine. However, the wave of self-centered, dominance, weapon selling, wrong policy, aggregation and terrorist attacks of these powers are raging. Therefore, it is unlikely the flame of war will be extinguished and let the people of the region live in a safe and secure environment free from security concerns. Extinguishing the flame of war will be difficult and even impossible if it is ignited in the minds of humans. Particularly, if the global powers swallow all the world, their greed and selfishness will not subside; on the contrary, they remain power-hungry and constantly plan to suppress or invade other weak nations. Unfortunately, the Muslim World and Islamic countries are weak, lacking military and economic power compared to non-Muslim countries. They cannot get rid of the pressures imposed by the Western nations and act independently instead. The Arab nations primarily act and make decisions in line with the American and Western countries’ orders. Some nations consider the interests of the West or America or behave according to the order of Russia, China, and other nonMuslim countries. Among all the nations, only the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan acts independently and refrains from considering the interests of the West, particularly America. Regretfully, the ruling government in Afghanistan grapples with plenty of challenges, including poverty and deprivation. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.