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America has no option except recognition of the Islamic Emirate

America faced a harsh defeat and left Afghanistan more than two years ago. This failure undoubtedly, inflicted a severe blow and irreparable damage on the body of the invading America. With each passing day, the pain of this defeat is felt more and more. The fact that after two years of defeat and withdrawal of the occupying forces, the U.S. Congress summoned Zalmay Khalilzad, former U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Peace Affairs and asked questions about the Doha agreement showing that the defeat was a bloody wound and this wound will be difficult to be healed within long. Despite the fact that everyone knows that these efforts of America are in vain and these questions and criticisms, are akin to a “Fist after War” that remains fruitless and not working. Now, America has failed and has accepted this defeat and the world is witnessing America’s shameful and historic defeat in Afghanistan. However, the aftershocks of this defeat shake America every day, and the fear of this region cannot be abandoned until the Day of Resurrection. However, after the failure and signing of the agreement, the dreams and unnecessary criticisms will not take place; the only thing that will end in the interest of America is to strengthen diplomatic relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and take more effective steps to recognize the current Islamic and legitimate system, as it has no more soldier in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan have gained experiences from royal governments to republican regimes that were built according to the orders of the East and the West, which resulted in nothing but war, destruction, corruption, conflict and warlordism. Therefore, the Islamic system is the best option. This system has been able to remove all the problems of the nation and bring the people of Afghanistan to the blessing of security, peace and prosperity. Also, the gem of Islamic laws and Sharia, which is the wish of all, has been adequately implemented and made it achievable to the Muslim and Mujahid nations. Today, it is necessary for America and all countries to refrain from confrontation and recognize the Islamic Emirate, which is a legitimate, popular and accountable system for the great nation of Afghanistan, and reach out for cooperation with complete confidence. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has repeatedly assured all countries that there will be no interference in the affairs of any country from Afghanistan, and there is no security threat or disturbance in the territory of this firm and robust system to cause threaten the security of the neighboring and the region and the world countries. The people of Afghanistan also want the world to recognize their system, and more than that, they should not be subjected to retaliation, loss of rights and injustice from the world and countries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.