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All should give hand to protect republic system

By: Suraya Raiszada

As peace efforts are underway abroad, concerns have increased among the people in connection with future system of the country. A number of Afghan political experts and government officials believe that all should give hand to each other and be mobilized for the protection of the republic system in Afghanistan.
According to Afghan political experts, the government of Afghanistan should make a strategy for the protection of republic system or pave the way for the country’s national defense and security forces to take part in codification of the strategy so that all feel responsibility towards protection of the system.
The people of Afghanistan have experienced the Talibani system and do not want to go back to 1990s decade; therefore, all political parties, government institutions, civil society organizations and the ordinary people should give hand and get united to work for the protection of the republic system in the country.
As currently peace negotiations between US delegates led by Zalmay Khalilzad and representatives of the Taliban group are underway, all sides to the government, political parties and opposition should get together to have one voice and defend the republic system when intra-Afghan dialogue begins between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group.
Meanwhile, representatives of people in parliament believe that the current republic system has let Afghan politicians participate in presidential elections and the people vote to them; therefore, the republic system has resulted that political forces either in opposition or in government work together in some extent.
“We all know that no national programs such as peace process, elections, security and economic development cannot be implemented and exercised without participation of the people; therefore, the presence of the republic system is necessary,” said Azimi, a member of national assembly.
He stressed that if the republic system did not bring stability to the country, no systems of the world would bring stability to Afghanistan as the people have experienced the republic system and the previous systems after the 7th Saur coup could not have resolved the dispute in the country, instead they have increased people’s problems.
Safia Hamnawa, an Afghan civil society activist, says the republic system has been able to provide good opportunities for the people in particular women as currently a large number of women are active in all sectors in the country; therefore, all should support to protect the system.
“The government of Afghanistan has made continued efforts to bring peace to the country,” Hamnawa said, adding that politicians and elite figures of the country should support the government and not to boycott the government’s initiative for maintaining peace and stability in the country.
It is also a historic responsibility for all to get together and mobilize for the protection of the republic system as recent surveys have shown that the republic system is a redline for the people of Afghanistan who have voted no to other systems in particular the Taliban system in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.