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All-out efforts needed for environment protection

The National Environmental Protection Agency has said that the recent rains have removed air pollution and caused beautification of the environment mostly in the cities to a large extent. At the same time, the officials in Kabul municipality informed about the efforts of the administration to protect the healthy environment but emphasized that it is impossible to achieve this goal without people’s cooperation. Kabul and some provinces of the country witnessed heavy rains in recent weeks. Although the continued rains have caused floods and financial and life losses for people, at the same time, they have left positive impacts on the air of the country’s populated cities. The Department of Environmental Protection says that the recent rains have removed pollution from the air of Kabul city and have left significant changes in the environment. The level of rain both in the center and in the provinces is more compared to last year, and this has made the air in Kabul city salubrious. On the other hand, the representative of Kabul Municipality said that now due to heavy rains, the weather in Kabul has cleared. According to him, successive rains in Kabul city have made the environment greener and this itself plays a key role in preventing air pollution, over the last long years. For doing more in clarification of the air, there is a need for serious monitoring of the public baths, hotels, bakeries and factories causing air pollution, which has also begun. All bakeries that used to use wood, which severely harms the environment, now use gas, which means that the capital city is going forward towards a healthy environment. Also, no factories and bathrooms in Kabul are allowed to operate without filters. Environmental experts also, say that the recent rains have made the air greener and cleaner in Kabul. They say the reason why there is no air pollution in Kabul city is the recent increase in rainfall. But in order to maintain this state, the responsible organs must try to eliminate the factors that cause air pollution.” Movement of old vehicles producing thick smoke should be prevented in Kabul and other major cities of the country as they are of other major factors in air pollution. The responsible departments, including traffic management and the Ministry of Transportation, should take serious measures in this field. Also, to avoid air pollution and protect a healthy environment, every citizen must fulfill his responsibility in this field.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.