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All means of pressures against terrorists inevitable

The ugly phenomenon of terrorism is of organized crimes which has caused many humanitarian and fiscal damages all along the history. In the era of globalization, the terrorist acts and dangers are not confined to national and regional territory of countries but also affect other parts of the world. 

Today, terrorism and organized crime groups are one of the most important issues threatening the whole region, in particular Afghanistan. Taliban as the main warring side has provided the ground for other 20 terrorist groups to find footholds in Afghanistan and carry out their destructive activities against the Afghan people and government.

Afghans sustained heavy casualties within more than a decade and half. The last four years were the deadliest years for Afghan people as thousands of people were martyred and wounded as a result of terrorist attacks and suicide bombings. Besides Taliban, the IS militants also deteriorated the security situation and increased the number of fatalities. 

To view the escalated militancy in the country which one day would definitely threaten the whole region, all countries have to play their role genuinely in campaigning against terrorism. Indeed, we live in the “global village” and a country’s security situation will affect the regional security. In this case, if a country neglects its role, the entire region will bear the consequence. So, all states – be it Pakistan, Afghanistan or any other countries – need to prove their sincerity in fighting terrorism for the world.

According to U.S. chairman of the joint chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford Washington’s campaign against terror groups in Afghanistan will continue unabated despite Taliban demands for a full US withdrawal from the country.

America’s continued military presence in the country is not up for debate, despite during a sharp escalation of both US and Russian peace talks seeking a political settlement with the Islamist Taliban forces, Dunford said.

“No one has suggested the US is going to leave Afghanistan until our counterterrorism interests are addressed. … That is nonnegotiable,” he said during a briefing at the Washington-based think tank Brookings Institute.

Meanwhile there are reports that US envoy for Afghan reconciliation would land to Islamabad on Sunday to seek help of the Pakistani authorities for stability and durable peace in the war-torn country.

The most effective way to deal with terrorism in Afghanistan and the region is to unite the countries of the region, especially those somehow supports the terrorist outfits and the superpowers, to take a multilateral approach in their foreign policy cooperating with the war on terror, in order to achieve a credible outcome.

As per the US official’s saying, using all means of pressure against terrorist supporting countries, can help root out the terrorism and establish a safe and secure area benefiting all countries. And finally, ensuring the integrity and stability of the region provides a comprehensive development ground for the interests of all regional countries, while war and conflicts will threaten the interests all nations. Those seeing their interests in supporting terror would one day gain its unexpected results, which would be for sure destruction and killing of their own citizens.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.