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All achievements, values of past 17 years should be protected in peace process

Peace is the desire of millions of Afghans who have been the victim of war for decades in the country. The government of Afghanistan is making effort to end the ongoing war and maintain lasting peace and stability through direct negotiations with the Taliban group.
In a statement issued by presidential office said that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Sunday night met with US State department’s special representatives on the Afghanistan peace process Zalmay Khalilzad and agreed on a new plan for the peace process.
The members of peace advisory board, a number of negotiating team members, some politicians and representatives of political parties, Ulema, members of civil society, youths, women, representatives of private sectors, MPs and a number of high-level government officials had attended the meeting, the statement added.
“We have agreed on a new plan with US special peace envoy for Afghanistan, in which all peace-related issues will be shared in the context of it. Continued consultations will be conducted about particular agenda and measures will be carried out in the light of it,” Haroon Chakhansuri, a spokesperson to President Ghani said.
In meeting with US special peace envoy for Afghanistan, President Ghani also called on Pakistan to clarify its relations with the Taliban group and Vise Versa, adding the Taliban’s connection with terrorist networks and their links with crime and forbidden economies should be made clear as well.
US special peace envoy for Afghanistan has already started his fifth visit to the region for talks with the Taliban group to be held on 25 February in Qatar. So far, four rounds of peace talks have been held between US officials and members of the Taliban group.
None of the peace meetings held between US delegation led by Zalmay Khalilzad and members of the Taliban group were attended by representative of Afghanistan government.
Despite of continued repetition by Afghanistan government, Taliban has not shown readiness to hold direct talks with Afghanistan government. Nevertheless, US special peace envoy for Afghanistan has told presidential office that any progress which has been made in peace talks with the Taliban were only preliminary steps, hoping with close coordination of Afghanistan government and people he would reach good progress in the peace talks.
He further said that US wanted lasting peace for Afghanistan so that all achievements and values would be protected.
What Afghans want from Afghanistan government, international community and those involved in the country’s peace process is that all demands and concerns of Afghan citizens as well as achievements of the past 17 years should be put in top priority in the ongoing peace process.
The people of Afghanistan want lasting peace that should be based on the country’s constitution. Representatives of Afghanistan government should be included in all peace talks and processes and key achievements of the country such as constitution, armed forces, freedoms and civil rights of citizens in particular women rights should not be dealt in ongoing peace talks as these values have been gained with sacrifices of hundreds of the country’s citizens.
Lailuma Noori

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