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Alarming COVID-19 situation in Afghanistan

Despite security concerns and the successive fall of districts in Afghanistan, the ears and Concerns about the third of wave of covid-19 have also raised in Afghanistan. According to official figures 1,597 people were infected and 85 others were killed due to the virus in the last 24 hours.
However, these figures may not reflect the whole victims or cases due to lack of good system and other challenges such as insecurity, and complex geography of Afghanistan. The country’s hospitals, particularly those in the capital Kabul have been full of patients and do not have the capacity to enroll new ones. Meanwhile the hospitals in the city facing serious oxygen shortages which could be the main reason behind increasing death toll in the country.
The official rate of coronavirus has been rapidly rising in recent days and weeks in Afghanistan, as the statistics continue to rise, the officials at the Ministry of Public Health express concerns about the possibility of a “catastrophe and crisis” during the third wave of the Corona-virus outbreak in the country.
The next issue which widely has added to the concerns and are behind increasing cases of COVID-19, is non-observance of health advises such as not keeping social distance, not wearing masks, no prevention from social gatherings and so on.
According to officials at the Ministry of Public Health, the public cooperation in preventing public crowdedness and maintaining health advises are the only way to reduce and control the spread of COVID-19 during this round, but most of the social experts believe that the people would not listen to these advises without any compulsory measures.
Although going to quarantine is not feasible in the current economic condition of the country, they could take some measures, including closures of educational institutions, wedding halls, baths and asking elderly civil servants to work from home, but still much more is needed to curb the situation.
The other main issue which raises concerns is the lack of enough vaccine in the country. After India, the People’s Republic of China has also donated 700,000 dozes of vaccines which arrived in Afghanistan the other day. But that could not be sufficient as millions of the citizens need vaccine and the government as well as international organizations should do more to provide vaccines for the developing countries.
Overall, Afghanistan is highly vulnerable since it lacks modern medical equipment and more physicians comparing to those of its neighboring. In the meantime, the unstable economy adds to the problem if government further take preventive measures to curb the virus.
Therefore, the international community and the country’s neighboring, should support Afghanistan in combating the virus. If Afghanistan is left alone at the current sensitive time, where both militancy and the virus killing our people, the death toll will be alarmingly high, and the country would face another crisis.
Afghanistan has already entered to a sensitive situation where COVID-19 has already been expanded and the third wave taking huge lives from Afghan masses, therefore national efforts and international assistance needed to contain the situation. Afghans already suffering from war and bloodshed for over 40 years and now the COVID-19 has further added to their miseries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.