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Al-Baghdadi death a big blow to IS group: Dr. Abdullah

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah addressing the Council of Ministers Meeting here at the Sapidar Palace on Monday said IS militants were the major threat to security of Iraq and Syria and killed thousands of people in these two countries, adding death of the group leader was a big blow the militants.
Dr. Abdullah went on saying that the terror group has also spared no efforts to target the Afghan civilians, adding a week ago the militant affiliated to IS targeted worshipers in Haska Mina district of Nangarhar province and martyred dozens of the people.
Applauding the operation against al-Baghdadi in Syria, the Chief Executive said the IS leader could show an ugly face to the world and was behind many deadly incidents that mostly targeted Muslim community. “It is hoped that the group to be eliminated with their leader’s death and not once again turn a threat, mainly to Muslim nations,” Dr. Abdullah added, saying the group’s vicious goal was to bring about sectarian war in the region. Meanwhile hinting to peace and election in the country, CE Abdullah called upon the electoral commissions to consider transparency in election affairs. He also said US peace envoy was in Kabul to discuss the process with the Afghan leaders and politicians, calling inclusive and Afghan-led approach as key to lasting peace in the country
The council of ministers meeting continued with security reports of the Ministries of Interior and National Defense as well as the report of first deputy to Chief Executive on steps taken for women’s empowerment in the country. The acting minister of commerce and industries briefed the session on seizing of the oil tankers in Aqina and Torghondi ports. The minister of rural rehabilitation and development also presented his ministry’s reports on achievements made while implementation of the rural development programs in the country. Likewise, the minister of women’s affairs briefed the session on coordination and cooperation of the ministries and independent organs on implementation of the law on prevention of violence against women. The session concluded with Chief Executive instructing the line ministries and independent organs to adopt necessary measures for providing services to the people and improvement of the working affairs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.