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Airbus’s C Check completed at Kabul Airport

KABUL: Deep technical inspection or C check of an aircraft has been completed by the country’s engineers for the first time at the Kabul Airport, an official said Wednesday.
Abdul Hadi Hamdan director of Kabul Airport said that the plane was checked with a greatly low cost and became certified for flight in twenty-eight working days.
“In the past, it used to cost $1.5 million to check a plane, but now, by our colleagues with the coordination and leadership of Ariana Aviation, the cost dropped to two hundred thousand dollars,” he said.
Afghanistan has previously sent its huge Airbus planes overseas for technical inspections and C checks. Said the Ariana Aviation Company’s Chief Executive Officer Rahmatullah Agha.
The planes are now traveling to Turkey, Qatar, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, and other countries, he assured.
According to Agha, the company expected to invest thirty to forty million U.S. dollars on four passenger planes.
Also, technicians from a domestic aviation company said that the aircraft’s C check and technical inspection have been completed in collaboration with the Airbus company.
Afghanistan has now two airlines that fly to various countries and the flights of major aviation companies are scheduled to resume at the Kabul International Airport.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.