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Air pollution, a great threat for Afghan citizens

A number of citizens of Afghanistan demanding from those institutions are working in environment issues that they should work more and prevent from human tragedy would stem from air pollution.A number of them in negotiation with The Kabul Times said that recently the air got much polluted and this causes people to suffer from various diseases.
They demanding from government to take in its hand suitable programs to fight the menace.
One of our compatriots, Sharifa in the connection said that air pollution caused some respiratory diseases and the patients are under treatment in the hospitals especially children.
She demanded from incharges concerned to prevent from further pollution of air and share the law that are considered for protection of environment with people,so that within winter they prevent from burning of plastic and other materials which bear more smoke.
At the same time, the senate of the country regards pollution of air as a great threat and also added that the number of victims of air pollution is further more comparing that of suicide attacks and accuses the related organs for not paying heed in the connection.
In a general session, the senators emphatically said that if the issue should not seriously be investigated, a human tragedy would occur.
Chief of senate, FazelHadi Muslimyar said that really, the air of Kabul polluted very much and this great tragedy is a threat for all that should be prevented. Because, with passing of each day, the diseases of cancer and respiratory get momentum.
According to senators, using of plastic and other materials which cause the air smoky should be prevented and accumulation of pollution in Kabul city is another reason for air pollution.
This is in a time that previously, the ministry of public health of Afghanistan warned people about further pollution of air in Kabul city and has said that the number of patients that are suffering from diseasesstem from air pollution have been increased in the hospitals.One of senators, Mustafa Zaher says that 150 molecule per cubic meter is normal and has no harm for human-being, but the air pollution outside of Kabul city has reached to 700 molecule per cubic meter that shows astate of emergency.
This causes cancer for people.
The National Administration for Environment says that for prevention and reduction of air pollution in larger cities especially Kabul city,this administration began implementation of winter plan.
Head of control and inspection of environment administration, Nik Mohammad said with implementation of this plan efforts are made the air of Kabul city to get improved and prevent from further pollution of air within winter.
Based on this plan, serious inspection would be taken place within winter from liquid gas balloons, electricity, transportation means that are the sources of air pollution.
Although the organs concerned apparently say that they performed their responsibility in the connection but some senators believe that if the issue not to be taken serious
, the air pollution would be changed into a serious problem.
Shukria Kohsitani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.