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Air corridors shortest way to export Afghan products to global markets

In the sideline of sixth meeting of “Heart of Asia” or “Istanbul process”, held in Panjab state of India, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Indian prime minister Narendra Mudi met each other and agreed upon establishment of air corridor between Afghanistan and India.
After two years of this historical meeting and in presence of both sides political and commercial authorities, the two sides officially inaugurated the first part of air corridors between the two countries in June 19th of current year.
According to the related incharge, Seddiqullah Mujadeddi, the second part of air corridors between Afghanistan and India based on the demand of Afghan traders was established and the commodities of Afghanistan are transferring from air ports of Kabul and Kandahar to Mumbai city.
The third portion of air corridors between Afghanistan and Turkey was established in June of current year and in the first flight that took place by Turkish Airline company, 15 tons dried fruit and carpet exported to Turkey.
The fourth part of corridors between Afghanistan and Europe was established in Mizan of solar current year and in first flight, twelve tons Karakul pelt to Finland and eight tons were exported to Italy.
First, the exporting goods are loading in international airport of Hamid Karzai and then to Europe via Turkey.
The fifth part of air corridors was established in Aqrab of current solar year between Afghanistan and China and in first flight, 20 tons black pine-nut exported to China.
Previously, the pine-nut of Afghanistan was exporting to world markets in the name and mark of Pakistan. But now, with inauguration of air corridors, the pine-nut of Afghanistan is exporting in the name and mark of Afghanistan to international markets.
In opening ceremony of this air corridor, president Ghani said that government would focus its serious attention towards hidden treasuries.
The president added that those who create crisis for us, we change the crisis into opportunity that it mentions to Pakistan.
Pakistan made efforts to keep Afghanistan into its economic monopoly and with occurrence of any violence, this country with closing of its borders, prevented from merchandize of Afghanistan that this according to the president was changed into opportunity with establishment of air corridors.
The spokesman of ministry of industry and commerce, Musafer Quqandi says that the aim of establishing of air corridors is increment of export, improvement of economic situation and introducing of commodities of Afghanistan to the warm markets of the world.
Quqandi added that the exporting items of Afghanistan are different comparing world markets.
For example: The dried and fresh fruits has warm market in India that in the first flight to India, 20 tons of agricultural products have been exported to this country via air corridor and in turn, decorative means and food items imported to Afghanistan.
Domestic and foreign companies have signed protocols with us and the merchandize are exported to India via Kabul and Kandahar provinces and in the future the exportof our merchandize would take place to India via Balkh and Herat provinces as well.
According to Quqandi, via air corridors, worth $70 million, Afghanistan through 60 flights exported commercial goods, to abroad that this itself indicates the exports of Afghanistan has increased and the price of one Kg goods is calculated from 25 to 45 cents.
Karima Malikzada

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