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Air corridors role in Afghanistan’s economic growth

Establishment of air corridors would not only be effective in the country’s economic growth, but can also pave the way for better transferring of Afghan merchants’ goods to abroad.
Economic experts told The Kabul Times if this process and economic ties continue with other countries, Afghan traders can easily and properly transfer their merchandizes through air.
An economic expert, Saifuddin Saihoun said, “Air corridors are effective for Afghanistan economic growth, as recently, the government has had many plans to encourage the traders.”
He added air corridors pave the way for transit-duty Afghan traders’ merchandizes to all regional countries.
The government of Afghanistan has spent $2 million on air corridors so far, he went on to say.
According to government officials, 30 percent of the transfer duty is paid by exporters and the remaining 70 percent is paid by the government as subsidy.
According to government officials, 70 percent of the transit costs of the domestic products sent abroad via the air corridors is provided by Afghanistan government and, so far, the country has exported the products worth of $70 million to world markets.
“Since the launch of air corridor, 3,359 tons of agricultural products, handicrafts, dry fruits and pelts have been exported on 233 cargo flights to world countries,” said Samir Rasa, head of the public relations office of the senior advisor to the President in banking and finance affairs.
He added that besides regional countries and India, Afghan products were exported to countries such as Italy, Finland and other countries.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) considers the launch of air corridor as key for Afghanistan and says preliminary statistics show that Afghan traders and businessmen have made over $9 million in profit by exporting their products to other world countries via the air corridor.
“Launching of the air corridor helps us to send our products to world markets besides that it creates more profit. Currently, people recognize Afghan products under the name of Afghanistan,” said ACCI deputy chief, Khanjan Alokozay.
In the meantime, Afghan traders believe that the launch of air corridor has caused that they can export their products in a better way to world markets and the process has resulted in increasing of their products in regional markets.
They asked the government to create other air corridors for transit of Afghan products so that their exports further increase.
According to ACCI statistics, domestic products worth millions of dollar have been exported to India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, China and other countries, which has put positive impact on economic development of the country.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.