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Aids to be transparently distributed to Herat’s earthquake victims, Mullah Beradar

KABUL: The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs of the Islamic Emirate Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, during his trip to the country’s western province of Herat, met with several high-ranking local officials, his office said in a statement on Tuesday. The meeting was attended by a number of high-ranking government officials including the Acting Minister of State for Disaster Management, Mullah Mohammad Abbas Akhund and the Deputy Minister of the Interior Ministry for Anti-Narcotics, Mullah Abdul Haq Hamkar, the statement said. Expressing deepest condo lences to the recent Herat earthquake victims, Mullah Beradar said their visit was not only for condolence and sympathy but was a responsibility to come to the quake-affected area and show our support, reiterating that they are the servants of the Afghan people, not their rulers, according to the statement. Subsequently, he also visited the provincial hospital to assess the condition of the injured and provided necessary instructions to the medical teams for their treatment, the statement added. The Deputy Prime Minister assured that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has mobilized all available resources to cooperate with the affected citizens. “Various ministries and departments are working tirelessly to provide urgent assistance and build shelters for those who have lost their homes, assuring the IEA’s commitment in transparent distribution of the collected aid to deserving individuals,” the statement quoted Mullah Beradar as saying. The Islamic Emirate’s deputy PM also asked the international aid agencies to provide all possible assistance to the earthquakeaffected Afghans, emphasizing the urgency of their support during this profound tragedy. Mohammad Nabi Naibi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.