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Aids to Afghans should not fall victim to politics

A number of political analysts say that the problems between Moscow and Washington and the political interaction of these two blocs should not be against the interests of Afghans.
They say the US has threatened Russia over Ukraine and that Moscow is now blaming Washington for the Afghan crisis. Ajmal Sohail, an Afghan political analyst said that the U.S. has
threatened Russia for sending forces to fight on the Ukraine borders while Russia is trying to accuse
the United States for Afghanistan’s economic crisis. Some other analysts say regional aids are more important for Afghanistan because they reach sooner than Western aids.
Noorullah Aziz, a political analyst said, “Assistance from regional and neighbor countries having strong economies are very beneficial for Afghanistan because it takes less time and less costs to be delivered.”
This comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin answered a number of questions at an annual
news conference about the current situation in Afghanistan. Beside other political issues, Putin pointed US regarding the aids with Afghanistan and said that countries that have destroyed Afghanistan’s economic and social system must help Afghans first.
“The Afghan people need help now; this assistance should be provided first by the countries that have inflicted such severe social and economic loss in Afghanistan. Those who have been there for 20 years and have destroyed their financial system should help”.
Over the past four months since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan came to power, China has been one of the countries in the region that has provided significant assistance to Afghanistan and has demonstrated its commitment in this regard.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.