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Agricultural situation improving as farmers, organs working hard

Amid reports of increasing poverty and unemployment, there are good reports of improvement in agricultural situation in the country.
Farmers and horticulturalists of the country, in close cooperation with the relevant agriculture organs are making effort to work on new programs for the improvement of horticulture and agriculture situation.
Since the Islamic Emirate took power in mid-August, last year, lots of changes have been seen in the agriculture sector in various parts of the country.
Horticulture and agriculture development are considered as the only way for improving the lives of people in some provinces of the country.
Recent rainfalls, in some provinces, have helped farmers and orchardists start working with the cooperation of relevant agriculture departments to improve the situation of horticulture and agriculture in their areas.
Some local orchard owners have recently spoken of increasing products in Nimroz province, saying that despite growing economic problems, they have been able, to somehow, bring positive change in their live conditions.
An orchard owner in Nimroz’s Nukjoy area says he has collected lots of dates this year. Nearly, four years back, he was provided with 4,000 saplings of dates in the province.
“I’m very happy this year as I’ve collected more than 10,000kg of dates. It’s all because of the Kamal Khan dam which provides enough water,” the orchard owner, Fazul Khan said adding that he has also hired some other people to work with him.
Another orchard owner also says that Nimroz has proper climate for the cultivation of date and jujube.
He asked the provincial department of agriculture to provide farmers and orchard owners with saplings of date and jujube.
According to the horticulture promoting manager for Nimroz provincial agriculture department Ahmad Sabiri says nearly 7,000 saplings of date have been distributed and planted on 25 acres of land just in the provincial capital of the province, 7,000 others in the Keng district of the province and 7,000 more saplings in Chahar Burjak district.
Nimroz, considered as one of the provinces with agriculture fields, farmers and orchard owners are asking the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), particularly the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock to provide them with agricultural tools and opportunities to improve the better situation of agriculture in the province.
On the other hand, local officials for Nangarhar provincial department of agriculture, irrigation and livestock have informed of the increasing production of strawberries in the province.
They have said that orchard owners in the province have collected nearly 170 tons of strawberries this year. According to the officials, the strawberries products have increased this year by 7.5 percent compared to last year.
It is worth mentioning that creating new orchards and timely addressing natural and planting pests, as well as increasing awareness among orchard owners, are considered as the main causes of increasing production of fresh fruits in the country. Although Afghanistan is an agricultural country, but it is still importing most of the main food, particularly wheat from other countries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.