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Aftermaths of villagers’ migration to cities

Villagers or mountainous areas of Afghanistan are the storages of natural mines, pastures of animals, forests and a secure place of living of wild beasts.
Most part of human treasures and natural capacities of Afghanistan are existed in its rustic areas.
All mines, natural resources, precious stones, water resources, forests and gardens are available in green areas of this country.
Varieties of fruits, grains, fuels, precious stones and other resources are producing in rustic areas of Afghanistan.
Despite this, emigration of villagers and evacuation of villages of the country is very important.
Unfortunately, within recent years, collective emigrations of people from villages to the cities cause much problems.
Instead of replacement of people to be taken place on the basis of economic capacities and environment in villages, all collectively referred to the cities that their capacities are lowered and their waters are insufficient. This issue faced either villages or cities with various problems.
Today’s cities because of accumulation of population and villages of Afghanistan for having less population are not suitable place for life.
On the occasion of International Mountain Day, it is necessary to mention about role and economic positions of villages, aftermaths of emigrations from villages and their roadmaps.
Importance of villages:
The first and important role of villages is their economic ones.
As the mountain areas of the country are the centers of work, activity and production and more commodities needed by Afghanistan are met via rustic areas.
Further labor forces of Afghanistan are engaged in rustic areas.
As from all point of views, villages are enjoying from much economic capacities, despite this, we can also begin city works in the villages.
For example: Tailoring, carpet weaving, productive activities, productive looms, nourishment of animals etc. are possible to be done in the villages.
The issue of environment is from among other important roles of rustic areas.
Presence of individuals in rustic areas causes flourishing of agriculture, protection of forests and water resources.
If the villages be evacuated from existence of labors and peasants, the areas would be changed into ruin. All environment resources to be annihilated.
In the absence of villagers, all forests, timbers and rustic mines would be smuggled and the life of animals would face with danger.
On the other, with collective emigrations of villagers to the cities, the crisis of environment and drought also would be exacerbated in the cities as well.
This issue occurs because of non harmony of culture of village life in accord with civil ones and on the other, the cities of the country have no capacity for absorption of more population.
From security point of view, rustic areas have more importance.
As now, some villages and rustic areas of the country are close to borderly areas of neighbors from among them, Pakistan always insurgents and enemies took refuge there.
When the villages be densely populated the enemies don’t penetrate easily.
Based on the same, there are more narco-trafficking, Kangaroo court, violences and security threats in some rustic areas of the country.
Aftermaths and harms:
Pollution of environment in the cities, annihilation of economic resources in rustic areas, increment of unemployment in larger cities, the outbreak of various diseases and others are the challenges that caused by collective emigration of people from the cities to the villages.
The Kabul city is the host of much number of rustic emigrants.
Within last years, thousands families from different parts of Afghanistan emigrated to Kabul.
Despite shortage in urban capacities, numerous challenges are facing by Kabul citizens.
The first solution for nourishment of rustic areas is focusing attention to those areas. The government and incharges concerned should make effort for distribution of capacities and possibilities to urban people and villagers.
For example: how much there are possibilities for the cities, such possibilities should also provided for villagers i.e in fixing of budgets, the rustic areas should not be forgotten.
Effort should be made for education of offsprings of villagers as well.
According to requirements of villagers the possibilities should be provided for them and work should be brought to their homes.
Paying serious attention towards expansion of villages causes reflourishing of these areas.
This causes the villagers to repatriate again to their native places. The economic situation of people gets flourishing again and on the other, the occurrence of crisis of water, environment and unemployment are prevented.
The result:
1- Majority of people of Afghanistan are living in villages, with preparing a meagre condition, they prefer living in villages than the cities.
Because, they are acquainting with culture and traditions of the areas people.
2- Rehabilitation of land ownership and forests, paying heed to animal husbandry and agriculture as well as preparing the ground for education of youth, holding of campaign for repatriation to native houses, maintenance of security etc. in insecure areas are the roadmaps for flourishing of rustic areas in the country.
3- In continuation of emigration of villagers to inside and abroad would have more unpleasant aftermaths for economy, environment, culture and security of the country.
Increment of environment problems in the cities, annihilation of wild animals, agriculture and animal husbandry in rustic areas changing of these areas as secure place for smugglers and terrorists, elimination of products and economic other losses are the harms and aftermaths of increment of rustic people emigrations.
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