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Afghans welcome peace talks with no ensuing war

By: M. W. Qasemi

The United States and the Taliban peace representatives have agreed on a deal, under which the foreign forces would leave Afghanistan on a set timeline, according to the group’s spokesman.
A Pakistani popular newspaper Dawn quoted one of the militants’ spokesman, Suhail Shaheen as saying that both sides have reached an agreement on the framework scheduled to highlight US forces withdrawal from the country.
“We have an agreement on a time frame for the withdrawal,” Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen was quoted as saying. “Discussions were focused on its implementation mechanism.”
Key issues in the second round of the US and the Taliban talks were counter-terrorism, assurance, troop withdrawal, intra-Afghan negotiations and ceasefire, however, Shaheen refused to say what time frame they had agreed to, but added a formal announcement would come following agreement on the implementation mechanism.
On the other, a former Taliban spokesman has said that Russia and Pakistan from the Taliban side, would guarantee the peace deal reaffirming that the Taliban would cease all relation with the entire terrorist groups and that Afghanistan will not return into a threat to the region and the world, as per part of the contents of the peace agreement.
Peace deal would finalize after few days and based on the agreement, according to Abdul Salam Zayef former Taliban movement member, US forces would leave Afghanistan within 15 to 24 months in order to avoid more terrorist threat in the country, after signing the agreement.
The people and the government of Afghanistan support any peace deal resulting in the restoration of lasting peace and security in the country, but the international community, particularly the US and other stakeholders in Afghanistan issues, should honestly help the 18-year-old war end in the conflicted country.
Afghans don’t want an ensuing war and conflict to follow the so-called peace deal and moreover, they don’t want the international forces withdrawal from Afghanistan, unless a sure and lasting peace and security was restored.
Daesh could be another potential alternative from some circles to disturb security of Afghanistan and the region, so more efforts and guarantees are needed to make sure that the war-affected nation would never be witnessing another threat from other terrorist networks.
Although, some security officials reject that Daesh would never maintain root in Afghanistan as the group has no people support, but the network is a practical threat to the entire Afghan nations; with no exclusion of tribal or religious approach.
All kinds of terrorists should be fought and eliminated after peace with the Taliban enter a successful process and the Taliban should give the guarantee of reaching a firm anti-Daesh campaign plan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.