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Afghans welcome court’s decision to deny CB assets’ use for 9/11 victims

A court, in New York of the United States, has denied the request to compensate 9/11 victims from      Afghanistan’s frozen reserves.
While, the decision is still under review and yet to be finalized, not only the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, IEA but the whole Afghan nation, welcome the decision to deny the demands for compensation from the country’s blocked assets.
The deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Bilal Karimi called the decision a good step and said that the Afghans have not been involved in the 9/11 attack.
The court and judge, after holding multiple meetings, announced the final decision, denying the claim and appeal of the 9/11 victims based on legal rights and gave the other side a 14-day period of time to register their complaints in case they oppose this decision.
This is a travesty of the international law, if a court decides to distribute the rights of a country in a way like this.
The Afghan assets frozen by the U.S. are not for expenses, but they should be invested and maintained.
The Islamic Emirate has made victims for justice and for the protection of the national assets. The Islamic system wanted the money released to be used as a supportive capital of the nation.
Any plan to keep the assets blocked, would harm the poverty-stricken people of Afghanistan, while the U.S. and its allies claim human rights defense.
The Islamic Emirate wants a good interaction and helpful engagement with the world countries, including those of the world powers based on the principles of the Islamic sharia and legal mutual interests.
The government of the Islamic Emirate never wants any country to face threat via the Afghanistan territory, but calls on the entire world, particularly the neighboring countries to opt a measure based on bilateral interests and don’t interfere in the country’s internal affairs.
Afghanistan is an independent country and any system has its own principles and the Islamic Emirate will never interfere in others’ country affairs and never allow others to interfere in the countries affairs.
The Islamic Emirate is in favor of a developed Afghanistan and a country with good relations with the entire worlds and is against any militancy, chaos and mayhems both in the country and in the region.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.