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Afghans want sanctions removed but, U.S. intensifying further

The last long imposed war, fueled by some alien circles which was nearly to affect the unity of different Afghan tribes, has now ended after the Islamic Emirate took control of the whole country.
This should also be noted that a firm security in the country which the Afghans did not witness over the last more than two decades is now restored.
Human rights, including that the women and girls are well respected; even better than the past and their work and education would be ensured in the near future, as the IEA’s related organs announced to do it duly.
Inclusive system is now established within the caretaker government, and efforts are underway for more inclusiveness of the Islamic system.
Afghanistan has now a free corruption system, freedom of media and the law for media violation is maintained like before, which is highly welcomed by the media outlets.
All conditions for recognition of the Islamic Emirate are met and the international community has no excuse to officially recognize the Islamic system. And the U.S. has no reason for keeping sanctions continued.
Also, the recent move by the Biden administration, to have reportedly ordered the use of Afghanistan’s frozen assets in funding aids or compensating 9/11 attacks’ victims, has shocked the Afghans. This is illegal and illogical.
However, the decision had not been officially announced, some international media reported: “The order will require U.S. financial institutions to facilitate access to $3.5 billion of assets for the Afghan relief and basic needs and the other $3.5 billion would be used to fund ongoing litigation by U.S. victims of terrorism.”
The U.S., instead of releasing the country’s central bank’s money or at least softening sanctions on the needy Afghans, has reportedly moved to order the use the money for its own under the pretext of the so-called 9/11 incident’s victims’ compensation.
This is injustice as if the attacks were carried out by any of anti-American dissident groups, then why the people of Afghanistan pay the price?
The Afghan assets should be all go to help the people of Afghanistan who are facing mounting economic hardship. This can help prevent brain drain and flee of the country’s educated young generation.
On the other side, the aid organizations are collecting funds to assist millions of people in need, around the world and there is no need for releasing part of the frozen trust fund, to assist the Afghan people.
The 9/11 attacks and their victims, have nothing to do with the needy people of Afghanistan.
The United States spent up to 2 trillion U.S. dollar over the last 20 years in Afghanistan, and how justifiable is this to compensate the 9/11 incident’s victims from the money of a poor nation?
The move, by Biden administration, would further deepen Afghanistan and its people into the quagmire of disaster and in fact, it is against all international values and a clear enmity with the people of Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.