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Afghans want practical measures for peace

By: Monitoring Desk

The State-run Anis Daily in its editorial on Sunday said that amid increasing violence and civilian causalities in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan requested The United Nations Security Council to hold an urgent meeting about the current situation of Afghanistan.
According to the daily, the special meeting of the UNSC about the urgent situation of Afghanistan was held on Thursday, 6th August in New York. The UNSC’s members expressed their concerns about the unprecedented increase of violence, the Taliban’s advanced attacks, and civilian casualties in Afghanistan. They all requested the Taliban to take steps toward peace and ceasefire rather than war and violence in the country.
In her remarks, Deborah Lyons, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, said: “Afghanistan’s situation is entering a dangerous phase, the war is brutally continuing, and the level of human rights violation and violence has extremely increased”.
Addressing the international community, she said that they could take an action to prevent serious, catastrophic event in Afghanistan.
“The UNSC’s members, including the U.S, the UK, Russia, China, and India condemned attacks on the civilians and emphasized a “political solution” to the situation in Afghanistan, adding that the Taliban should decrease violence and try to embrace peace, stability, and security along with the Afghan government,” the paper went on to say that.
At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the countries reached some decisions which could be problematic for the Taliban; if these decisions translated into action, Afghan will be benefited from them, according to the daily.
The paper further writes that the special meeting of the UNSC was held while the war and violence are nearing the large cities of Afghanistan, amid increasing number of casualties. The Afghan government had told the meeting was going to be held due to the urgency of the situation in Afghanistan, adding that the decisions made by the UNSC should translate into action and directly affect the steps towards bringing peace, stability, and the ongoing situation in the country.
Afghans have been experiencing and witnessing proxy wars for more than four decades, and the international community has repeatedly condemned the wars through sharing their declarations and messages.
Anis editorially said: “But after 9/11, many of the world’s countries engaged with the U.S-led war against terrorism; it is either the previous Afghan government could not take advantage of it or the U.S allies only followed their own interest in Afghanistan. It is also true that the international community invested a substantial amount of money in Afghanistan, and the Afghan people could have some achievements, but no serious practical actions have been taken by the international community towards terrorism in Afghanistan.”
The paper said: “According to the experts, some of the reasons behind the re-emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, besides the lack of management of the previous governments, are that the international community underestimated their main goal and looked at Afghanistan through the lens of Pakistan, which ruined their plans.
After the withdrawal of the foreign, anti-terrorism troops from Afghanistan, war and violence unprecedentedly increased and led to the death of hundreds of Afghans and the destruction of infrastructures in the country. According to the Afghan government, the condemnations and declarations of the international community will be nothing but a waste of time because there are many rational solutions to reducing and preventing extreme war and violence in Afghanistan that only UNSC can take action towards.”
Concluding, Anis daily said that nobody knows where the weapons used to kill Afghan and destroy the public utilities come from, and the international community and the UNSC is responsible to answer the question and put sanctions on the countries – based on international regulations – that follow their interest in the wars in Afghanistan or have strategic plans in the country.

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