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Afghans unified but still suffering intervention

U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent remarks that the Afghans were not a unified nation, recalls the long history of a unified Afghanistan opposing foreign powers who planned occupation of the country.
President Biden said: “The likelihood there’s going to be one unified government in Afghanistan controlling the whole country is highly unlikely”.
“…no nation has ever unified Afghanistan. No nation. Empires have gone there and not done it,” said Biden in his remarks on Afghanistan to defend his country’s troops’ pullout.
Looking back the country’s history, it comes to the light that all Afghan tribes including Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks and Turkmens were unified under one banner to found the Afghan Empire in the early 18th century.
The unified Afghan tribes, during the three Anglo-Afghan wars, fought foreign invaders and forced them retreat from the country.
If the national aspect of the Afghans was reviewed, this would clearly be found that the Afghans have forever remained unified and capable of developing their country.
The graveyard of the invading empires [as President Biden mentioned in part of his speech], has long been Afghanistan, while it is also a close friend, best co-worker and true partner, if it makes sure that there was trust, honesty and flexibility with all world countries.
If Afghanistan had not been a unified nation—as Mr. Biden stated—then would it has ever succeeded against the great powers’ invasion?
If Afghanistan was not a unified nation, it would have surrendered to former Soviet-led Red Army. If Afghans were not a unified nation, it would have never been able to oppose invasions from the west and its allies over the last two decades and would have never been able to face them with harsh defeat and pullout.
The Islamic Emirate, with the support and cooperation of the Afghan people of different tribes, succeeded in what it set out to do in the country over the last nearly two decades and achieved the goal of rebuilding a unified nation.
The three Anglo-Afghan wars, (the winner of which was the Afghan brave nation), the former Red Army’s defeat and the recent forced withdrawal of foreign forces from the country, are the evidences that Afghans are/were a unified nation, however still suffering heavy intervenes from aliens.
But the most important thing to help the Afghans fulfill their commitment and show their eligibility and competency of being a unified nation, is that all world countries stakeholder in the Afghan cases, should avoid intervenes in the internal affairs of the country as frequently asked by the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan is now opening a new chapter of relation with the world and is in dire need of honest cooperation instead of meddling in its internal affairs.
The fundamental obligation of the Islamic Emirate is to provide all available grounds towards prosperity, including work, education, health etc. for both men and women, boys and girls. However impossible at once. And in this way, there is a need for the world countries to keep on assistance for the economic battered nation instead of interfering in the internal affairs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.