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Afghans tradition during Eid-ul-Fitr

The Muslim people of Afghanistan warmly welcome Eid ul-Fitr with their ancient customs and mores. After performing the Eid ul-Fitr prayer and visiting the graves on this day, the Afghans go to their elders to pay their respects and congratulate them on Eid ul-Fitr and appreciate the blessings that Allah has given to Muslims. On the day of Eid ul-Fitr, Afghans meet with their family elders and relatives and congratulate them on Eid ul- Fitr. On this day, those who lost their family members or relatives before Eid welcomes people who go to their homes to comfort them. On this blessed day, children and adolescents apparel new clothes and go to their relatives and elders to pay their respects and congratulate them on Eid. The children have a special passion for Eid, and they wait for this blessed day for several days and count the moments to get Eidi gifts from the elders. Muslims going to each other’s houses, visiting patients, and supporting needy people are among the etiquette and customs of Eid ul-Fitr in our country. The night of Eid ul-Fitr has a special place for the bride and groom’s families in the provinces of Afghanistan, including Badghis, Herat, Ghor, and Farah. Taking an Edi gift by the groom’s family to the upcoming bride is one of the ancient traditions of this country. In many provinces of Afghanistan, the groom’s family grants the bride’s gifts by holding a party and ceremony on the last night of the holy month of Ramadan, i.e, the night of Eid ul-Fitr. The bride’s gift includes clothes, shoes, dried and fresh fruits, Nowruzi cookies, and Jalebi (a kind of Afghani candy). The gifts prepared by the groom’s family are also given to the bride’s family on Eid days after the groom meets with the bride’s family. The groom’s family is required to take an Eid gift for the upcoming bride and provide the bride’s family with foodstuff so that they hold a big party on Eid night. “Although granting Eid gift by the groom’s family to the bride’s family is one of the ancient cultures of this country, and it increases the intimacy and closeness of families, this custom should not be exorbitant,” said Marzieh Samimi about the traditions of presenting Eid gifts. “There is no need for a bride gift to include foodstuff, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and jewelry, and a giving bouquet can also increase love between bride and groom,” Marzieh added. “The bride’s family should not impose huge expenses on the groom’s family,” Rostam Atai said, who came to the bazaar to purchase Eid gifts for his fiancée. He said that he has to prepare and take all these gifts to the bride’s family, but he is disappointed due to the economic challenges and losing his job. Therefore, he wants to borrow money from someone to purchase Eid gifts. Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.