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Afghans still witnessing negative outcomes of Saur 7 Revolution

Important parts of the Afghan history are stained with violence and unpleasant incidents which are mostly fueled by spiteful groups outside the country. Looking back to the country’s nearest history highlights that the government of Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan had come to an end, after the Former Soviet Union-backed People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) locally known as ‘Khalq’ staged a coup on April 27, 1978. The era of Daud Khan who also took power via a coup, had also been full of confusion and turbulence. However, he was not the one who could bring reforms with flexibility. His administration was also characterized by intense land reform programs and growing suppression, with the members of the (PDPA) faction laying at the top to be cracked down on. This was a critical and disappointing time for the followers and the republic regime of Daud Khan, when the evening of April 27, was broadcasted by Radio Afghanistan that the Daud regime is being overthrown by the Khalq or people party insurgents who had been backed by the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This was because a joint coup team consisted of the two rival Khalq and Parcham parties, the two key wings of the brutal communist group, had already controlled the media, especially the Radio Afghanistan, before the destructive bombings begun on the Presidential Palace, where Daud Khan and his family reside. Both parties who had been feuding with each other, reached an agreement, just one year before the coup that helped them to work in unison, as they knew that they would finally be squeezed out by the Daud regime, even though, they played key role in bringing him about. The presidential palace fiercely came under attacks from the air which intensified about midnight, with the next morning, the Kabul citizens learned that President Daud Khan and most of his family members were dead and the Khalq supporters controlled the capital. But, not only the bloodshed, torture, insult and humiliation of the Muslim people of Afghanistan did not stop but intensified further than the past. The two brutal groups who staged the coup and overthrew the regime, reached power, but worsened the situation and escalated their anti-Islamic attempt. They stormed mosques, religious and worship sites to arrest Muslim people and take them to jail cells. They killed or detained thousands of people for the charge of being Muslim only. The torture and barbarism of the communists of Khalq and Parcham forced millions of Afghans to leave the country and sought migration abroad mostly in the two neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran. With the firm well and legitimate Jihad of the Mujahid people of Afghanistan, the Russian invasion ended and finally, the Soviet Union disintegrated, but the Afghans once again entered another phase of occupation by the U.S. and its allies’ forces. The Mujahid people of Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate leadership, did not stop jihad against the invaders. The Islamic Emirate lost tens of thousands of its Mujahidin to continue jihad and finally reached victory and shaped an Islamic system. Any invaders should realize the fact that their fate would be the same as what the former Soviet Union experienced. Afghanistan under the Islamic Emirate leadership, never wants to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs nor allows others’ interference in its affairs. The era of invasion has now ended and any country should engage politically and economically with Islamic Emirate instead of using power and forces.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.