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Afghans should keep unity to overcome challenges

A U.S. Army paratrooper from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne Division, based in nearby Fort Bragg, waves good-bye as the troops board a plane to deploy to Kuwait, from Fayetteville, North Carolina in this February 13, 2003 file photograph. It's not uncommon in Fayetteville to hear of soldiers who have served multiple year-long tours of duty, returning again and again to guerilla-style wars with no clearly defined front lines. Some 5,000 troops from Fort Bragg are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan, even though that war long ago slipped off the front pages of U.S. newspapers. With one war over and another winding down, more soldiers are back in Fayetteville now than during the height of the deployments between 2008 and 2011.†Still, President Obama has already sent 1,600 Special Operations commandos back to Iraq. Americans are flying helicopter missions ("boots in the air") and military leaders have hinted that the conflict could soon require more boots on the ground. To match Insight USA-MILITARY/FORTBRAGG REUTERS/Ellen Ozier /Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY CONFLICT)

Afghanistan is now passing the most difficult and challenging phase although the US administration has not officially declared its forces withdrawal from Afghanistan. The country needs now unity of all Afghans and their one voice for direct talks with the Taliban group. Days back, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani by pointing to the issue said that Afghanistan would reach lasting stability when Afghans were united. He added that once again Afghanistan was passing the most challenging phase of the history.
US officials have said they want to resolve their problems with Afghanistan through negotiations, but their military mission in the country depends on security situation in Afghanistan. In a situation that US is keen to pull out its military forces from Afghanistan, a national reconciliation process is key to end the ongoing war in the country.
Afghanistan needs financial assistance of the international community to build its infrastructures, improve economic development and reach lasting stability. Therefore, the governmenat is needed to further tighten good relations with all donor countries and international organizations. World countries in particular US, Russia and China should help Afghanistan reach lasting peace and stability. They should not forget that repetition of situation happening in 90s will not only burn Afghanistan but the region and world.
To end the ongoing war in the country, it is needed to work for political consensus inside the country. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, who has called on Consultative Peace Jirga for peace in the country, should pave the way for domestic consensus regarding peace talks with the Taliban group.
It is necessary that civil society, women activists, politicians, political parties and the government should have one voice regarding peace talks with the Taliban group. The government should hear visions and plans of the country’s different classes and political parties to reach national and political consensus for direct talks with the Taliban group.
Undoubtedly, government institutions are the property of the people of Afghanistan and should be protected at any price. Even the Taliban group could not dare again to comment in connection with government institutions. No political parties or organization can agree and accept this. But, reaching a consensus in connection with modality of direct talks with the Taliban group is seriously necessary.
In critical and challenging situation, each country and nation need national unity to address domestic and foreign threat as it is not possible to overcome all challenges and problems without national unity and national understanding.
Afghanistan government and people like other nations and governments have friends and enemies; therefore, Afghans should aware of them and not to be neglect of their plans and threats. We should use all of our energy and capabilities for restoration of stability, power, confidence and tranquility in the country as our homeland is passing from a dire stage.
Lailuma Noori

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