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Afghans risk life through illegal journey to reach Europe

The Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations in Geneva has highlighted the situation of Afghan migrants taking illegal routes to European countries and facing difficulties by submitting a report to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights. The Mission states that those Afghans who attempt to reach foreign countries through illegal routes face unfavorable conditions during such journeys and may even lack access to basic services. “All the information indicates that some people have left their country and turned to migration. By doing so, they face problems as they leave their families and belongings, hoping for a better and more enjoyable life through migration. Unfortunately, this path is filled with risks, discrimination, and exploitation. According to Tayeb, although these Afghan refugees do not reach their intended destinations, they encounter arrests, deportations, and being deprived of their rights along the way.” Furthermore, some Afghans who have taken illegal routes to reach foreign countries speak of the hardships of this journey. Matin, one of these Afghans, states that he has suffered from psychological problems because he has passed extremely dangerous paths to reach Europe but is still uncertain about his fate, and this uncertainty has exposed him to various illnesses. Another individual from these Afghan migrants confirms the challenges and hardship, saying leaving home and family is another agony that illegal Afghan migrants face. He urges the Islamic Emirate to crack down on human trafficking and improve working and living conditions for the young people who intend to leave the country. According to Afghan citizens and some experts, the illegal travel of Afghans to other counties is like playing with their destinies, and this game can be extremely dangerous. We have witnessed dozens of sunken boats and ships carrying migrants in waters and seas. Today, also dangerous incidents have occurred for illegal migrants, and they cannot remain safe through illegal migration. Their own lives and the lives of their children and families will be in constant danger. According to them, the Islamic Emirate is responsible to take serious measures to prevent illegal travel. Most of those who seek to reach European or other Western countries through illegal routes have a very slim chance of survival. They must accept hunger, injury, and imprisonment to reach their destination. However, the situation is extremely challenging, as they have to endure very difficult conditions by resorting to illegal migration. It comes as in the previous regime in Afghanistan, there were also instances of illegal migration to foreign countries. However, according to reports from International Organization for Migration (IOM), both legal and illegal migration of Afghans has increased after August 15, 2021. In its recent report, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees stated that by the end of 2022, 9.2 million Afghans worldwide have been forcibly displaced. Among them, only 8.2 million are settled in Asian countries, with the majority being in Southwestern Asian countries. According to this report, Afghan migration statistics in 2022 were 43% higher compared to the previous year. Shukria Kohistani

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