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Afghans now living in peace after long miseries

The best life is what when we enjoy independence, peace and prosperity and live under the shadow of freedom and development. After decades of war and occupation, with the sacred blood of the country’s thousands of martyrs and the sacrifices of the Mujahid people, Allah Almighty gave freedom, independence and peace to the war-affected nation. People had no tranquility during the past regimes, as their relatives were either killed or wounded and their houses were looted during the past two regimes. Warlords and powerful individuals had key membership of the then regimes’ cabinet. They were working only for themselves and grabbing public properties, with billions of U.S. dollars in aid, pouring into their pockets. Now that we have achieved peace and freedom, we must work hard for the country’s economy, progress, civilization and developed technology, so that the country reaches its highest economic prosperity. It’s clear that nations without freedom, peace, and prosperity and under the captivity of foreigners, cannot breathe well. The malicious aliens never want the oppressed Afghan nation to get out of their captivity and slavery and benefit from the blessings of freedom, peace and prosperity. The world builds colonies from the poor nations and has taken advantage of them forever for the sake of dominance and control and has used them as fuel for their war and sinister purposes. During the past four and a half decades, the poor people of Afghanistan were also used as fuel by the colonists and invaders and some ignorant groups of this land with a handful of money and material resources were used against Mujahidin by Russians and Americans. Especially in the last twenty years of occupation, many children of this territory were deceived by US-NATO-led forces and by taking money, they faced and clashed with the freedom-loving children of the country. By the grace of Allah Almighty, massive victories were gained by the Mujahidin and Afghanistan was completely captured by the brave forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the war, controversy, destruction, and occupation ended. Today, when people live in freedom and peace, it is necessary to make significant efforts for the development of the country in economics, infrastructure and technology, to bring happiness to the sad and deprived nation of this land. Therefore, it is necessary for the government and the nation to work with full sincerity and honesty in reaching the prosperity of their homeland and turning this ruined land into a paradise on earth and making the suffering nation benefit from the colorful blessings of God forever

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.