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Afghans must show courage, resilience to develop country

A Pakistani laborer works on the roof of a large villa under construction in the Aino Mina development, Kandahar, Afghanistan, Dec. 1, 2014. Many have prospered in the city over the last 13 years, but foreign forces have left, and fear and hope remain. (Bryan Denton/The New York Times)

After years of occupation and war, Afghanistan has transformed into an independent and secure country, achieving prosperity and progress. Therefore, Afghans must join hands and play a crucial role in the advancement and development of their nation. The people of this country must demonstrate sincerity and sacrifice for strengthening the system and promoting self development. Because sincerity and honesty play a significant role in every endeavor, they ensure that work is done with excellence and that the true essence of the goal is achieved. A homeland that possesses the dignity of a mother expects pure and sincere service from its children. Children must contribute to the well-being of the homeland with utmost affection and love, showing purity and sincerity towards their fellow citizens. The offspring of this land achieved the freedom and hon or of this homeland by sacrificing their blood and soul, and we must rinse the tree of prosperity and advancement with their sweat. We should provide sincere services on this path. The tremendous and resilient Afghan nation has continuously fought and sacrificed against invasion and occupation. However, unfortunately, in the political arena, the reconstruction and prosperity of the country have often lagged behind, and they have not reached significant success. Although considerable and notable achievements have been made for this nation after the victory and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan takeover, these achievements are not sufficient. This land and its people demand more from us, and this patriotic citizen has many hopes and aspirations for us. We must show more courage and honesty in serving the homeland and work tirelessly towards the prosperity and flourishing of this tormented land. So that our land, like other lands, reaches glory and prosperity, and the unfortunate people of this fertile borderland find relief from misery and misfortunes. Indeed, a nation that commits sincerely to serving the community is not destined for misfortune and escapes the dangerous claws of poverty and deprivation. We are confident that if we, in a brotherly manner, with utmost sincerity and free from various prejudices, work for the prosperity and flourishing of this nation, a better tomorrow will welcome to us, and the bright and shining future will embrace us. Therefore, the nation must join hands, embrace a world of honesty and sincerity, and serve the motherland. Let us transform this land into a paradise on earth. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.