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Afghans must recognize enemy, their thoughts to strengthen government’s foundation


Just as recognizing the truth in religion is considered essential and fundamental, so too is recognizing falsehood, other religions, beliefs, and deviant groups. This recognition is also regarded as a fundamental duty and sacred obligation for Muslims. Without understanding the beliefs and objectives of their adversaries, Muslims cannot adopt an appropriate stance or interact with them correctly. When we look at Islamic concepts in general, we find that they revolve around two key points. First, we recognize the truth in beliefs, worship, religious affairs, and other aspects of individual, social, and political life. Second, we recognize evil in all these areas so that, alongside strengthening the good, we first save ourselves and then also rescue others from evil. Today, as false religions and beliefs arise and gradually spread among Muslims, gaining more followers, the main reason for this is a lack of awareness among Muslims. Falsehood has never advanced or appeared openly; it has always been presented in Islamic societies under the guise of truth, dressed in the clothing of truth and with sweet and familiar slogans of truth. Unfortunately, Muslims today are invited to various false religions and beliefs through extensive media such as magazines, websites, TV series and shows, and other publications. The enemies of Islam work tirelessly, day and night, to destroy the thoughts, mislead Muslims, and bring about the downfall of the Islamic community. The bitter experience we, Afghans, have faced over the past two dark decades is that infidels invaded Afghanistan from the other side of the world. Alongside military invasion, they immediately began an intellectual invasion with the support of visual and print media. As a result, they conquered the minds of our Muslim people and turned many Afghans into their slaves. In exchange for a small amount of money, these Afghans stood as shields beside them, shooting at imams and Mujahids and destroying Masjids and pulpits. This led to such hatred among Muslim brothers that when the Islamic Emirate captured Kabul, such people immediately clung to planes to flee the country. Additionally, when the Islamic Emirate decided that women should go out of their homes while observing the Islamic hijab, Afghan women, unfortunately, reacted so strongly that they burned the Islamic Hijab in public. We faced these problems because our people were unaware of contemporary ignorance, democracy, atheism, secularism, liberalism, and communism. They did not know what each of these ideologies stood for and what goals they pursued. If, before America invaded Afghanistan and the killing of thousands of innocent Afghans and the misguidance of millions more, we had informed our people about these infidel thoughts and concepts, we would not be facing such problems today. Therefore, we Muslims must correctly identify all contemporary false religions, ignorance, beliefs, thoughts, and misleading and deviant groups. We need to research them, expose their sources, determine their goals, understand their tools, stop them, and strive for their destruction. By following this approach, we can save our people from cultural and intellectual invasion and, in turn, familiarize them more with Islamic thoughts and concepts. This will help them show excellent stability and resistance against cultural invasions and take action to defeat the enemy. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.