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Afghans in tragic & catastrophic humanitarian war by Pakistan

By: Lailuma Noori

The world has witnessed the worst humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan over the past week, with tens of thousands of people from the country’s various provinces being forced due to surge in Taliban attacks. Most families have fled the country, either out of their homes or out of fear of the crimes of humanity. They fled from their home areas as currently many of the young girls, widows, and mothers with babies and small children are in Kabul with no food and shelter.
Till Thursday 12 August, nearly 60,000 have been displaced from various provinces and are now living in Kabul and outskirts of the city. For the past seven days, women and children have been living without food and shelter and are waiting for assistance from the government. Afghanistan Red Crescent Society has not provided any assistance to the displaced people in the country.
Since 2001, American Red Cross, which is a member of the International Red Cross (ICRC) have been responsible for humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. The American Red Cross has more than 1 million members and 35,000 professional employees and 700 regional organizations. The question is why a big international organization such as ARCS has not played role in Kabul and provinces of Afghanistan during the most catastrophic humanitarian situation while it has been responsible for direct assistance to the people since 2001.
For the past three months, we’ve witnessed the brutal and inhuman attacks of the Taliban across the country as war prisoners and civilians have been killed, women and children raped and properties of the people have been embezzled. Besides, public infrastructures have been destroyed and forces marriages have happened in most areas. This comes as US has direct responsibility for cooperation with Afghanistan government based on bilateral security agreement signed between the two sides and extended its cooperation in all fields till 2024.
On 6th August, Afghanistan security resources informed of supplying and dispatching Taliban reinforcements to Helmand. On the same day, Afghanistan intelligence plane was shot down by Pakistan. Based on reports, unknown planes have supplied Taliban and Daesh fighters to Jalriz, Maidan Wardak and Ghazni. Such supplies have caused that Ghazni city fell to the hand of Taliban.
Despite reactions of the international community, some international military and political experts have criticized irresponsible US and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan. Besides, Chris Alexander, former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan has asked for sanction on Pakistan. A number of other former ambassadors to Afghanistan have asked for urgent stopping Pakistan’s interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan. To the world leaders, EU, UN, Human Rights agencies and international welfare organizations:
The people of Afghanistan are currently facing with the worst moments of history; therefore, it is time to urgently provide assistance to internally displaced people to prevent from changing the human catastrophe to regional and international one.
The main goal of US mission in Afghanistan has been the mission of peace, the realization of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, removing of all bases for the training of terrorists in the region, respect to the right to sovereignty of Afghanistan as an active member of the United Nations, maintaining peace and development in the country not human catastrophe after the 20 years.
Without eradicating the terrorists such as Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS from Pakistan and prevention from sending these terrorists to Afghanistan, lasting peace in Afghanistan is not possible. Terrorists have major bases in Pakistan and have well-organized and well-established communications with the Pakistan Intelligence Service (ISI).
Do not let the people of Afghanistan be the victim of regional vicious plans as Afghans want peace and stability in their country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.