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Afghans impatiently waiting for asset’s release

The UN Secretary-General Special Representative for Afghanistan expressed grave concern over the ongoing critical economic situation in the country.
After the country collapsed to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in mid-August last year, the U.S. blocked billions of dollars in Afghanistan assets.
Addressing a session of the UN Security Council on Afghanistan late on last week, the UN Secretary-General Special Representative for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons said that ‘the global fraternity has not done enough to revive Afghanistan’s failing economy, a failure that resulted in the war-torn country’s economy getting nearer to the point of irreversibility.’
The main reason behind growing worse economic condition and soaring unemployment in the country, is the U.S. move to still keep the country’s Da Afghanistan Bank’s assets frozen, something, the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly said would badly harm the people.
The UN envoy warned of the closure of more businesses as the country was heading to a tipping point that helped unemployment and poverty increase.
Report also said that the U.S. was planned to allocate part of the DAB asset for the 9/11 victims, a move would never be justified, as the money is the property of the Afghan nation, not of those claimed responsibility for the attacks.
The U.S., by freezing Afghanistan assets, should not appear to be seeking revenge for its defeat in both fronts; war and peace in Afghanistan.
Over the last more than six months, as witnessed, absence of foreign development aid, restriction on international payments and constraints on the country’s central bank continued to pose serious challenges, while releasing the money, would help tackle most of the country’s economic problems, in addition to rebuilding economic infrastructures and resumption of major development projects in the country.
The American authorities should not exaggerate the problems on human rights but know that the Islamic Emirate forces have never wanted onslaughts on any of the country’s provinces, particularly the capital, as if so, it would not welcome the peace offer.
On the other hand, the peace accord, between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the U.S., required all foreign troops, including NATO, peaceful withdrawal from the country; a wise plan that would never lead to such a critical condition or cause economic nosedive. But the former government leadership has always been making excuse and wasting time for only remaining in power.
After former government forces’ evacuation, the country’s peace-loving people who were fed up by the long protracted countrywide insecurity, theft and corruption, cooperated with the Islamic Emirate forces to enter villages, districts and even provincial capitals to ensure security of the people and prevent looting public properties.
More importantly, the IEA forces did not have a plan to forcibly control the capital, but it happened due to an undeniable power vacuum that resulted in wide insecurity as there were reports about looting people and public properties everywhere in the city, after former security forces evacuation.
The international community, particularly, the U.S. knows the fact that cooperation and support from the entire nation helped the IEA forces victoriously take control of the country.
This is not a power usurpation, but a need and legal measure, requiring the Islamic Emirate forces control the situation, so, the Afghans ask their legal government recognized and their assets released.
Earlier, the IEA hailed the issuance of a general license by the U.S. Department of Treasury that helps facilitate commercial and financial activity and allowing joint work with the governing institutions.
Not only a deal with the Islamic Emirate, as the UN Secretary-General’s special representative insists, but a continued work with the IEA, following recognition and shared cooperation, would lead to the strengthening of political and economic relations with the world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.