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Afghans happy with first snowfall, but IDPs in need of urgent aids

People in the capital and provinces of the country, went to the streets and nearby areas to take pictures from the first snowfall and warmly celebrate it, after recent droughts forced thousands of families to leave their houses nation-wide.
Drought, air pollution and lack of groundwater to gather with the growing insecurity, have recently added to the problems of thousands of families countrywide, mostly in the country’s insecurity affected areas.
The recent snowfall, which is one the nature’s promising gifts, is forecasted to continue for the next days and months, which would help reduce concerns about heavy water shortage in the next 10 years and end drought and air pollution, in the country.
Afghan social media users were also taking pictures from various landscapes and snow covered views and posting at their pages to warmly welcome and celebrate the first snow, as they were fed up with persistent drought and air pollution in the past many years.
Earlier, the country’s meteorology authority has warned that the air pollution would convert to a catastrophe if the government failed to pay serious attention and put the issue at its top priority.Q
Optimism rose, as concerns about a bright future through continued snow and rainfall are somehow reduced.
In many parts of the country, farmers would become more optimistic about the future of their lands and would warm heartedly do their best to grow more crops and yield more products.
But, one most important thing should be taken in mind that there are thousands of households, displaced from their residence and migrated to Kabul and other secure areas, mostly because of drought and insecurities, are in urgent need of aids.
They are living disparately under tents, in many localities of the capital and are waiting for fuel to warm their homes, winter clothing and primary aids to eat.
Not only the government, but the entire countrymen who are capable of cooperating their countrymen, particularly businessmen should not spare any cooperation in this field and not to forget their poor citizens, under the harsh winter season.
The related local organs, in coordination with the international agencies should do their best to address winter-originated problems of the families living under tents or poorly built shelters, whenever they find, in order not face a human tragedy, when the weather get stormy and temperature falls below zero.
The international aid organizations should also join hand with the government of Afghanistan and rush to the needy Afghans who are undeniably facing bad weather condition and critically edible items’ scarcity to feed their children.
The government, on its part should take the organs concerned accountable for their responsibility towards the internally displaced people and poor families suffering critical winter problems.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.