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Afghans happy to see country’s revenue funding projects

The last more than four decades of war pushed the country backward from having its rich mines exploited. In a move to show the countrymen that their mines are transparently utilized and their hidden treasuries are taken into use for the welfare of the economic-battered nation, the Islamic Emirate, after its power resumption, nearly three years ago, is now making efforts to prove it was working for the welfare of the nation and the country, contrary to the former republic systems’ authorities who had only worked for their own pockets, their families and relatives. Recently, the Islamic Emirate’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum announced that the revenue being collected from Qashqari oil field will be used for the building of a power plant, a hospital and the construction of roads in Sar-e-Pul province of the country’s north, where the people are in dire need of such facilities. The spokesperson of the ministry, citing a statement from its website said that the oil extraction level from the Qashqari oil field is expected to increase from 1,350 tons to 3,000 tons per day. The revenue will be used for the construction of a standard hospital, building of a power plant with the name of Sultan Ebrahim Dam and road construction in the province, as the officials assured to work for the development of various projects in the country. Also, according to the Afghanistan Industrial Association, the use of internally generated revenue in the construction and development sectors is effective and helpful in the encouragement of Afghans to take part in the reconstruction of their country and encourage them to stay home and not flee the country. Using the revenue of the Qashqari and other mega-rich mines of the country, if used transparently, in funding other projects and the long-unemployed millions of countrymen to be provided with work, would be an inspiration to the whole Afghans to wholeheartedly, stay alongside their Islamic system, defend it and the country against any malicious conspiracies. As the head of the Union of Industrialists believes, the Islamic Emirate’s related organs are compelled and obligated to use these revenues to build roads, hospitals, and electricity infrastructure in order the people to be provided with employment opportunities. We have numerous types of mines in our country, the extraction of which helps unemployment highly reduce such as the marble mine in Herat province, which has been leased to a private company for extraction providing an investment of 12 million U.S. dollars and job opportunities for over 5,000 individuals in the province, where, according to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, the marble extracted from this mine is currently processed in the industrial parks of the province and will be exported abroad including Turkmenistan, Iran, China, Uzbekistan, Germany, Oman, Kuwait and India. In the meantime, economic analysts believe that if processing factories are established inside Afghanistan, it will be very beneficial for the country’s economy. This is a matter of pleasure that the country’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has already announced that 150 small mines have been contracted to domestic companies and thirty large mines have been contracted with the Chinese, Iranian, Turkish, Qatari and other countries’ companies having Afghan partners. The people of Afghanistan are also asked to stay committed alongside their government, work hard for the development of the country and avoid leaving the country through illegal and difficult routes. Inam Hashemi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.