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Afghans fully capable to defend their country

The United States’ military mission in Afghanistan will officially end on August 31, US President Joe Biden announced the other day, during an update on the troop withdrawal process. Biden stated a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is “not inevitable” because the Afghan military not only outnumbers the Taliban but is much better equipped.He also said the US intelligence community’s recent warning that Afghanistan’s government is on the verge of collapse is “wrong”. Biden’s remarks during a press briefing at the White House came after he and Vice President Kamala Harris met with national security leaders for an update on the troop withdrawal process.With the resilience of the Taliban insurgence in mind, the US military commanders seem to have sketched precautionary measures by keeping some small number of troops and continue train and advice for the Afghan forces.As per the Biden’s saying, it is believed that the United States does not trust Taliban to honor their commitment to the agreement they signed in Doha, signs of which are emerging as the insurgents have substantially increased attacks on Afghan Government positions immediately after US announced complete withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan.The Taliban have agreed to reduce violence and engage in peace talks with the Government of Afghanistan, though they did participate in the ‘peace talks’ with Afghan Government, their motives to agree to terms that would lead the warring parties strike a peace deal is not in sight.Despite the announcement by the US and the NATO to withdraw forces from Afghanistan, there are reports that both the US and the UK will leave hundreds of armed personnel in Afghanistan to protect their embassies and diplomats – including development workers.Meanwhile there are reports that US would open an office to coordinate funding and training of the Afghan forces in Qatar. Meanwhile the country seeking ways to also keep some small number of troops in the region to provide timely air support for the Afghan forces.US, its allies and even the Afghan neighbors never want a return of emirates, as according to them the group’s mentality towards media, women and even new developments made in the country, hasn’t changed and the recent takeover of Taliban in some districts show that they are totally against public infrastructures, girl’s education and operation of free media.The recent escalation of violence has also proved that Taliban have never been committed to Doha agreement and only thinking about how to take the power and rule the country. However, they would never reach to such goal, as Afghan forces have already denied taking the control of the major cities across the country.As per Biden’s remarks, Afghan forces are capable enough to fight Taliban and other insurgents and make it difficult for the group and their foreign backers to takeover of the whole country. Meanwhile according to President Ghani, Afghans will never surrender and will now allow any terrorist groups to takeover of their destiny.Therefore, the recent uprisings against Taliban showed that Afghans are tired of war and Taliban’s bloodshed and insurgency, and they will sacrifice their lives, to provide a safe and democratic atmosphere for the next generations.But what is really important, that the US and its allies consider Afghans’ daily sacrifices in war on terror and continue their support for the Afghan forces and government, so that they tackle ongoing insurgency and deny any safe havens for terrorists. Afghans fully capable to defend their country, but what is really required is to have support of the international community.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.