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Afghans eying Oslo meeting helpful

A high-government delegation, led by the acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, arrived in Oslo, the capital of Norway early this week (Sunday).
At the invitation of Norway, the visiting 16-member team held separate meetings with representatives from the European Union, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and U.S. beside authorities from the hosting country.
During the two of the 3-day visit, the IEA’s delegation met with Afghan political figures, representatives from civil society, including women leaders, human rights activists and journalists.
The meeting which begun late on Sunday, discussed ways of addressing humanitarian aids, economic, social and political issues.
Girls’ access to education and human rights were also among the issues discussed in the meeting.
The Afghan people welcome any step taken by the world countries such as Norway and other members of the international community in the areas of providing humanitarian aids for Afghanistan and are grateful
for the world efforts to keep the aids flowing for the Afghans.
They are now waiting for the meeting to result in the interests of the Afghans and hoping the outcome proves helpful and lead the country towards more economic stability.
Likewise, unfreezing billions of U.S. dollars in the country’s central bank’s assets, which has been discussed by the Afghan delegation in the meeting, would help the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan address majority of the poverty-affected Afghans’ economic problems.
Millions of Afghans are now facing harsh poverty, chiefly due to the failure of the U.S. to release the cash.
On the other hand, everything is gradually going well, as so far both men and women are receiving their salaries and girls have been said to rejoin their education centers including schools and universities, by the upcoming year [Afghan calender]. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has fulfilled all demands from
both Afghan citizens and the international community, toward human rights, fighting corruption and most importantly a countrywide firm security. Also, the main policy of the IEA is non-interference in other internal affairs and that not allowing others to interfere in Afghanistan’s affairs and anything would go ahead based on mutual interests. So these points should be taken as the key responsibilities of a legal
system [under its both internal and foreign policies] in the field of government building and friendly relation with the world. So, no pretext has now remained to not recognize the Islamic Emirate
as a legitimate and nationally accepted system. The Oslo conference is hoped to do more and follow more such conferences, relating to Afghanistan and encourage the policies of understanding between the IEA and the world and strengthen more humanitarian plans by the world for the Afghan people

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