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Afghans continue returning home

Though the country is still facing economic problems due to long drought and conflicts, a large number of Afghan citizens are reportedly returning home from other countries. Recently, thousands of Afghans, roughly with their families and children have recently returned home from the two neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan. However, some by force and some by deportation. The reason is mostly sure security, since the takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate. Following a series of recent repatriations from other countries, as media reported, dozens of youngsters; all from one province have returned to the country, after finding their homeland secure. Officials of the Work and Social Affairs Department of Nimroz confirmed that dozens of Afghan minors have recently left Iran and joined their families in Afghanistan. However, some media said they were deported, but some of them said that they will never return to Iran and other countries as they found their country secure and they would do their best to find work here, instead of facing hardship in the neighboring countries. More than two thousand refugees, in a fresh move returned from Iran and many left Pakistan, after releasing from jail and rejoined their families and relatives. This means that Afghans love their country and want to live and work peacefully in their homeland, as reports said Afghans, anywhere in other countries are facing difficulties including lack of work and shelter. Many of them are arrested by police, taken to jail and tortured, as recently the Amnesty International reported. Countless Afghans, including women and children, are still living in the comps in the European countries and their cases are pending follow-up. So, this is the responsibility of the organs concerned to provide work and shelter for the skilled and experienced youths, especially for those returning from other countries. If the Islamic Emirate takes firm decisions about the people’s fate, including their work and shelter, then no Afghan will leave abroad and none of them face violence in the alien countries. The people, particularly, the educated youths should also avoid leaving the country and should not trust human traffickers as they are only working for an amount of money and do not think for the fate of the Afghans. They should remain in their country, even with temporally unemployment and economic problems, as the government is making efforts to provide jobs for them inside the country.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.