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Afghans concern over high unemployment rate

Criticizing over increasing unemployment in Afghanistan, a number of citizens say that recently, the unemployment rate has visibly increased.
They told The Kabul Times however, the government has several times vowed them to pave the ground for employment opportunities, but it has not taken any practical step in the respect.
They ask the government to prepare the ground for employment opportunities.
A Kabul resident Mir Jan says unemployment has considerably increased recently and the government’s officials are busy in political issues.
However, four years have been passed since establishing of the national unity government, but the government leaders could not act based on their promises to people so far.
Existence of poverty and injustices has caused a number of people to leave their country for abroad.
Another Kabul citizen Mohammad Murid says unemployment rate gets increased by each passing day and the people are facing many challenges in their life affairs.
According to him, the people of other provinces have come to Kabul for work, they don’t know that unemployment rate is very down here too.
Meanwhile, a number of Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) are living under tents in some parts of the capital Kabul and they are living under very trying circumstances.
The government should have some plans to curb unemployment crisis and make effort to pave the way for employment opportunities, otherwise, the people’s lives would get worsened.
Economic experts believe that the government should address this problem to prevent brain drain.
Earlier, world labor organization called current situation in the country concerning, but the ministry of labor and social affairs says that paving the ground for employment opportunities is the responsibly of all government administrations and it has been prioritized by the government.
The minister of labor and social affairs, Faizullah Zaki has earlier said the employment opportunities were prioritized by the government.
According to findings, currently unemployment rate has increased by ten percent in the country.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.