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Afghans chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in defiant protests against Taliban

With increasing insecurities and Taliban attacks on western Herat and other major cities, thousands of inhabitants in dif ferent cities took arms within a public movement in order to support ANDSF and defend their cities. The People’s support of ANDSF in different cities caused repletion of Taliban’s offensives in these province.
Since over two weeks, Taliban have been attacking major cities, intending to enter cities but all their attacks were failed. Citizens of Herat, Badakhshan, Taliqan and other cities have even not been satisfied to defense and resistance against Taliban, beside that in a collective and unprecedented move with the chanting of Allahu Akbar, they have been displaying their wrath against Taliban.
With this religious and civic movement, Afghan people showed to the world that they would never submit to Taliban and would be fighting against this petrified and proxy force of aliens until the last drop of blood. This movement showed that the Afghan people support their ANDSF and the republic system unitedly and are ready in no case to return to the past.
Solidarity of Herat, Kabul, Jalalabad and other cities’ people with government and ANDSF has a clear message to Taliban that the group can no longer rule over the Afghan people through force and violence, as Afghanistan of today is different from that of 20 or 25 years ago.
Meanwhile, the people awareness level has improved and a new generation has appeared that in no circumstance wants the recent 20 year gains to be wasted and their rights be trampled and Taliban slash and axe rule on them.
Most important of all, the Taliban identity and nature have been disclosed to people, they knew today that once the group roots and philosophy are irrigated, what will happen to them and the country. The Afghan people know well that Taliban’s funding, equipping and training sources are out of Afghanistan and that Taliban are an instrument for implementation of policies of external spy agencies. The group have no other goals except, murdering, oppression, tyranny and destruction of Afghanistan. They are proxy army of regional secret services.
Now the time has elapsed that under the cover and mask of religion, Taliban rule over the Afghan people. Majority of Islamic countries and their religious scholars have frankly called Taliban war against the Afghan government illegal and non-Islamic and no Islamic country or organization support their actions.
Taliban behavior and actions displays frankly a violent and ugly face of Islam. Holy religion of Islam considers killing of an innocent person equivalent to killing of all people, but regardless of religious instructions, every day Taliban raze to the ground, hundred innocent Muslims, including women and children. According to the recognition of Taliban nature, the Afghan people don’t allow this proxy force to determine their destiny and the group can no longer impose themselves on us as the representatives of religion.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.