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Afghans celebrated an Eid which was never seen in five decades!

Fasting for the whole month of Ramadan, Afghans celebrated Eid ul Fitr on Sunday across the country. The Crescent Committee of the supreme court of Afghanistan late-night Saturday announced that groups of people in Ghazni, Farah, Kandahar, and Ghor provinces have sighted the crescent, announcing the Sunday as the first day of Eid ul Fitr.
Almost, for the past 50 years, it was the first Eid that Afghans have celebrated all together with peace and no war in the country. Although clouds of poverty and tough economic situation were shed all over Afghanistan, Afghans enjoyed Eid festive with peace and confidence. This Eid was unique for being a secure and peaceful one. This was the first Eid Afghans celebrated without war in the country.
Compared to the same Eid last year, there were war, bombardment, killing, and uncertainty as Afghanistan was divided between warring sides. Luckily, today we celebrated Eid while we are one nation living under a single government. No Afghans have pointed out guns at one another, instead, they offered greetings to one another both in-person and through social media platforms.
In fact, each single Afghan had dreamed for decades to see such a day to come.
It was a dream of everyone to see Afghanistan being ruled by a single government. Thank God, the dreams, Afghans have impatiently waited for, have come true – an independent nation with an independent state.
If one wants to figure out the root cause of the war, instability and tensions in Afghanistan over the past 50 years, s/he would easily get the conclusion that foreign invasion and foreign-imposed regime on this nation have been the main factor. From the Soviet Union’s (USSR) unprovoked invasion in 1979 to US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan in 2001, both deepened war, instability, and tension and even tried to split our nation into a polarized society. Fortunately, all of their evil plans for Afghanistan have failed because of the struggles of the great nation of Afghanistan. The US had spent billions of dollars to cause Afghans turn into a polarized nation by spreading war between them in the past 20 years, though it failed to meet her ends. The US-backed so-called Afghan republic was formed aimed at escalating war and hatred among Afghans. That is why Afghans showed hatred and resisted to overthrow it, turning the country into an independent society.
Nevertheless, celebrating Eid with joy and in a brotherly manner, proves that Afghans are like a single body who have a single spirit in them.
The war has been imposed on this nation by invaders and the former Afghan puppet politicians. Despite the poisonous propaganda of US politicians, the incumbent president Biden and giant media to polarize our people into several sects/factions, though they failed and Afghans kept their unity and brotherhood as a single Muslim/Mujahid nation. This nation stood up with one voice and one stance against US occupation and its puppet republic and eventually liberated the country from the pollution of the US occupation. Afghans are zero-tolerant against occupation and foreign-imposed government of any kind. Our history is full of remarkable examples for those who want to learn a lesson.
Finally, this unique Eid celebration was the beginning of the blessings of liberty. The long list is ahead – unity, stability, security, prosperity, and dozens of other blessings are coming next. Freedom and independence are not single words; it is everything for a nation. It contains hundreds of privileges in it – with it, a nation is alive, without it, a nation is dead. With freedom and independence, we can reach our dreams as we have already started. To have a prosperous and proud future, we as a Muslim nation must identify the value of an independent state and protect our own state and freedom for the generations to come.

By: Nasratullah Haqpal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.