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Afghans busy building own country not victimizing themselves for others

Frustrated with its own created militancy across the two countries’ borders, Pakistani authorities are still blaming Afghanistan for harboring TTP militants inside the country. The irresponsible assertions have recently been made by the neighboring country’s defense ministry, saying Afghanistan was the hideout and armament of anti-Pakistan insurgents. The neighboring country’s defense ministry, by its spokesperson, shamelessly stated that the suicide attack, happened in Pakistan, where a number of Chinese nationals have been killed, had been conducted by Afghan nationals. The spokesperson, furthermore, threatened that his country would use any means in defending his country. This is not the first time that the Pakistan authorities unrealistically blame Afghanistan over terrorist activities, they said harbored beyond its border, the neighboring country’s failed politicians have long made such assertions against Afghanistan and increased their anti-Afghanistan rhetoric, after the resumption of the Islamic Emirate and rebuked the current system for failing to control militancy inside its border. This is a crystal clear fact that Pakistan has long attempted to create insecurity, discords and enmity among different tribes of Afghanistan and spared no efforts to fund, train and equip militants against the Afghan nation. The long history of the two countries—both during the post-Pakistan establishment as well as after it—is clear evidence that the neighboring country’s politicians have never been in favor of a self-determined, independent and developed Afghanistan, but wanted to have a weak and puppet regime of their own in both its neighborhood and in the region. As the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate recently stated, militants associated with the so-called Islamic State are entering Afghanistan via Pakistani soil. This is not Afghanistan but Pakistan which has long had a hand in the insecurity and instability of not only Afghanistan, but the entire region. But unreasonably, blame Afghanistan for its failure of their own-trained and produced terrorist activities. This is a fact that the incident, that happened in Pakistan, where a number of Chinese citizens, accompanied by their Pakistani colleagues, have been killed, is the work of the Pakistani intelligence itself, but the authorities blame Afghanistan, particularly the current Islamic system for supporting militancy against their country. No Afghan has been involved in the attack on Chinese nationals in Pakistan and this is an empty claim by that country’s defense ministry, as the Afghans, if needed would victimize themselves for their own country’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty, not for others. Pakistan, if wants terrorists to be eliminated all over the two countries, should strengthen borders in a shared military effort with Afghanistan under the Islamic Emirate’s army. On the other hand, the neighboring country should launch a wide and countrywide anti-militant operations inside its country and most importantly remain honest about all its commitments against terrorists that threatening the relations and interests of the two brother nations. Likewise, Pakistan should have the capability of accepting a powerful Afghanistan, in its neighborhood particularly, after the power resumption by the Islamic Emirate to thwart all conspiracies toward the two Islamic nations’ relations

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.