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Afghans appreciating India’s continued aids to Afghanistan

The foreign ministry of India has said in an announcement that a 4-ton package of medical aid, consisting of COVID-19 vaccine and medicine for tuberculosis, has reached Afghanistan and was handed over to Andhra Gandhi hospital in Kabul.
A spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) by appreciating the Indian continued aid to the people of Afghanistan said the recent aid was a package of medical aid consisting of vaccines and medicines.
“India has always provided Afghanistan and its people with humanitarian aids.
The most recent aid from the Indian side has been medicine and COVID-19 vaccines that have been handed over to Andhra Gandhi hospital in Kabul,” said Sharafat Zaman, the spokesperson for the ministry of public health.
He said that talks on dispatching medics to India for further trainings were ongoing with the Indian side, adding that the ministry of public health was asking the world for further cooperation with Afghanistan in health sector particularly in providing medicine and medical equipment.
Meanwhile, the Indian foreign ministry has informed of continued humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan, saying that Afghans need urgent humanitarian assistance from the world.
Based on information from the foreign ministry of India, as per the urgent request of the United Nations for prevention of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, India has provided the country with more than 32 tons of various packages of aid including packages with medicines and vaccines.
The foreign ministry of India has assured of the country’s continued humanitarian aid for the people of Afghanistan in future. Besides providing packages with medicine and vaccines to Afghanistan, India has committed and provided Afghanistan with 50,000 tons of wheat since the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover last year.
According to Indian officials, the assisted wheat have been submitted to World Food Program (WFP) in Afghanistan, while packages consisting of vaccine and medicines handed over to Andhira Gandhi hospital in Kabul.
India has sent a team of foreign ministry officials to Afghanistan for the first time following the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover of the country last August.
In early June this year, India said the officials visited Kabul to oversee the delivery operations of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and meet international organizations involved in the distribution of the aid.
India was the region’s largest provider of development aid to Afghanistan as it had invested around $3 billion in projects that included schools, roads, dams and hospitals in the country since 2001. The country is now likely to pick up the threads of some of the development projects it had invested in Afghanistan and would like to continue some of them.
Shukria Kohistani

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