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Afghanistan’s UN seat legitimately belongs to IEA

It’s been less than three years since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan controlled the entire territory of the country, established central governance, and ensured security throughout the country. However, despite these achievements, it has not been recognized by the international community and the global powers. If the world interacts with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, it assumes responsibility shoulder-to-shoulder with the global community in many areas. Therefore, according to justice and international law, Afghanistan’s seat at the United Nations should be handed over to the representative of the Afghan nation (the Islamic Emirate). It is a fundamental principle that any entity holding governance and authority in a country should be granted a seat of representation at the United Nations. As the Islamic Emirate is currently governing Afghanistan, it is only just and in line with international norms that it should be recognized as the rightful representative of the Afghan nation at the United Nations. In fact, a country’s representation seat at the United Nations is contingent upon the government of that country. It’s noteworthy that the United Nations itself has ridiculed the fact that the Islamic Emirate governs Afghanistan. Yet, the representation seat in the mentioned organization remains in the hands of the dissolved regime’s representative. António Guterres should be questioned as to whether, without the representation of the Islamic Emirate, a non-official representative of the previous republic government can achieve this organization’s goals. Another logical question is whether someone other than a representative of the Islamic Emirate, who lacks executive authority even in Afghanistan, can have any benefit to the United Nations in Afghanistan. The sincere actions of the Islamic Emirate, which are undertaken not only for their country but also for international security, will ultimately be understood by the world. These realities fortunately make it clear to everyone that Afghanistan is governed not by any partisan, ethnic, or regional structure but by a unified Islamic system. Therefore, the current system is a boon for Afghans and the international community alike. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.