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Afghanistan’s Regional Cooperation Initiative beneficial for country

Afghanistan is fortunately in a position where it has mutual interests and expected benefits in interacting with countries. Interactions with other countries are in our favor as well as in the interest of these countries and the entire region. Everyone is aware that a meeting titled the “Afghanistan Regional Cooperation Initiative” was held in Kabul and attended by representatives and ambassadors from more than 11 countries. In the meeting, discussions were focused on cooperation initiatives, as well as econom-ic and political interests from all aspects, as various issues were debated and discussed. By holding such meetings and having representatives from different countries attended, the trust between Afghanistan and neighboring countries, the region, and the world will increase, creating more opportunities for cooperation and interaction with Afghanistan in various sectors. Economic and political analysts found this meeting profitable and beneficial, describing the organization of such meetings as productive and rewarding. The Afghan people have always welcomed such meetings and hope that beneficial meetings like this will continue in the future, benefiting all parties involved. The people of Afghanistan commend the organizers of these meetings and especially appreciate the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, notably the statements of the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, who has represented the national interests. The nation emphasizes that the golden opportunity should be wisely and effectively utilized, and the people and the government, with unity and coordination, should strive for the prosperity, blossoming, and advancement of their country and land so that the countrywide security blessing bestowed upon this nation and land becomes the great blessing of prosperity and progress. After this, may the people of Afghanistan also have a tranquil, prosperous, and glorious life. Maintaining relations with the Islamic Emirate is in the interest of the countries not only in the region but also in the world. The geopolitical position of Afghanistan has been proven long ago that it is a reliable crossroads for trade between Asian countries and other countries in the world; therefore, violence and insecurities in Afghanistan are not in the interest of any countries in the region. Afghanistan cannot be governed by any ethnic, group or system, except the Islamic Emirate. All countries of the region and the world should understand the fact that if they want peace and tranquility in Afghanistan and the region, they should interact and strongly maintain relations with the Islamic Emirate. On the contrary, any meetings that are held arbitrarily and unilaterally in foreign countries in the absence of representatives of the Islamic Emirate will be just a waste of time and nothing else. Such meetings if held outside will be useless as their decisions cannot be executed. Afghans will never accept any decision if made in their absence. If anyone has any problems with Afghans or the Islamic Emirate, they should come to Afghanistan as doors are open for anybody to share their problems or remarks. If meetings are held inside or outside of the country with the participation of representatives of the Islamic Emirate, both sides will reach a positive understanding. For example, the results of the meeting titled ‘Afghanistan Regional Cooperation Initiative’, held and hosted by the Islamic Emirate were positive and it will have positive impacts on the meeting set to be held on the 18th and 19th of February this year in Doha, the capital of Qatar as considerable achievements have been made in all areas in the past two and half years in the country. Sediqullah Mutasim

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.