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Afghanistan’s real independence: Last U.S. troops’ withdrawal

If we review the history of the three Afghan-Anglo wars and the consecutive victories of the brave Afghans against the invaders as well as the war and victory of the Afghans against former Soviet Union and compare them with the latest victory of the mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate against the U.S. forces (the world’s greatest power), we will find that we have now reached a real independence.
Within the three Afghan-Anglo wars, when the Afghans emerged victories against the British puppet regimes’ soldiers, the Afghan people have been still the victims of internal conflicts and there were no sure and inclusive peace and security in the country.
The main reason behind the failure to shape a united nation from different tribes of the country and put an end to the internal disorders and civil conflicts, were division among the leaders as there was some certain malicious circles fueling discords among them.
Also, the long war of the Afghans against former Soviet Union and their victory against the former Red Army had been sabotaged by some domestic and foreign vicious circles and the aftermath was accompanied by negative consequences.
The people of Afghanistan also won war against the Russian invaders but the ensuing long conflicts among the so-called Islamic parties like Hezb-e-Islami, Jamiat-e-Islami etc., result in the death or injury of thousands of Afghans and in the destruction of Afghanistan as well as forced millions of others to leave the country.
The reason behind the failure was that they were not implementing the real Islamic sharia.
Anyway, the brave Afghans achieved and regained the country’s independence from both the British and the former Soviet Union invaders, but now, the defeat of the U.S. and withdrawal of its last troop from Afghanistan, highlighted a clear difference among these victories and independences.
Unfortunately, the first, with long mayhems and chaos, the second with heavy bloodshed, while luckily, the latest with sure nationwide security and ensuring brotherhood for the Muslim nation under the real Islamic teachings.
As the Islamic Emirate celebrates the end of the U.S. occupation; the international community, particularly, the world’s great powers, should maintain a fair and rational policy with the Islamic system.
The mujahid people of Afghanistan have now won the war against all invaders and will never bow to those willing to impose their own interests and are against the implementation of the Islamic sharia.
The Mujahid people of Afghanistan are in favor of a fair and good interaction with the world under the Islamic sharia, as the holy Islam never allows Muslims to harm others even non-Muslims, unless they were not ready to act against Islamic values.
Also, the world should understand that the Islamic Emirate has curbed all kinds of militancy including the so-called Islamic State group and any other illegal armed activities which proved to have been disturbing security of the people and trying to use Afghanistan’s territory against other countries.
Happy End of the U.S. Occupation to the whole Mujahid people of Afghanistan and happy a complete independent Afghanistan to the entire Afghan nations!

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.